Thursday, 8 October 2015

Wearing | OCTOBER

*Quick disclaimer, yes the latest HB came out today, but I am out all day and not able to put together the post, our looks will be out tomorrow at this time =D*

Another 'wearing' segment! It's a little late into the month as I would have liked this on the first but there's been plenty else going on =) The weather has definitely turned, at least where I am and so all I'm wanting to do is start dressing my doll for it with some darker colours and different fabrics from the light chiffons and silks that I've been going with.
All about | darks, minimal printing, oversized

To buy the items currently available in the Plaza, click *HERE*
Other pieces include:
          Fringe Bag, Ralph Lauren
          Leena Tshirt, Miss Sixty
          Black Pantyhose, Fallen Angel
          Black Classic Pumps, Chanel
          Satin Turtleneck, Callie's Picks
          Sonia Culottes, LE
          Lincoln Booties, Nelly
          White Buckle Stilettos, Melbourne Minimalism
          Hotbuys Colonel Coat, Fallen Angel
          High Waisted Leg Trousers, Decades

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