Monday, 26 October 2015

T I N G E L I N G H A L L O W E E N C O U T U R E | Release Review

To celebrate the upcoming halloween this weekend, Stardoll released us a brand new Tingeling Halloween Couture collection! I love these special releases,  I don't think we got one last year and in 2013 it was just a re-release, so this brand new drop is fab! I think the homepage ad gives the store super high expectations as it really does look great =D
So we got two whole floors packed with some rather beautiful gowns and pieces - Stardoll truly went all out with the graphics and designs, because these pieces are amazing and what a lot of us live for on the site! I mean just look at the Halloween Couture Gown or the Wild Ruffled Skirt, as a graphic designer too I know a lot of time and effort went into those detailed items. However the more simple pieces are also stunning, overall I'd say this is just an amazing achievement of a collection!
We had the usual one outfit for guys, but it is couture, and there really aren't couture lines for men, so this is very understandable - the Gothic Floral Tee though would definitely work for girls too with the right styling.
The store has mostly gowns, with a total of 8 to choose from and they're pretty varied as well with a few lighter brighter ones mixed in with those dark, theme appropriate, dresses! If I'm going to pick a favourite for you guys I'd definitely say the Blood Red Velvet Gown, it's a beautiful design and colour and I think it really would suit everyone^ In terms of the other pieces they really do focus on tops to go with the absolutely perfect Deep Velvet Trousers, which are great fitting and super versatile, definitely a highlight of the store. They really do go with everything, and they clearly work with all the tops on offer - I particularly like the Gothic Couture Blouse and can see some great combinations featuring it. And in terms of outerwear, that Faux Fox Vest does look like a fun fashionable piece to style!
The accessories of this collection are truly beautiful, so much detailing has gone into them and I think they really do look perfect to finish off a couture look, I think the bags are my favourite pieces, all three of the ones I've featured above a great, you can never have too many clutches and the burgundy Bejewelled Velvet Clutch is a great shade for the season. The Romantic Ballerina Clutch is such a delicate and pretty piece, totally not on the halloween theme, but I'm so glad it was included! In the spoilers I did really like the 4th bag, the Leather Skull Purse, but when I tried it on it was just a bit large for me really and I didn't feel like it would fit nicely with looks how I would want it unfortunately.
Onto prices - they range from 7 to 36 SD's, with just one item over the 30SD mark. The accessories are all under 14SD's, which is great. There are a couple of SC accessories, but they weren't pieces I found myself lusting after, although it was a good inclusion and their prices are good. Overall the store is prices really well for the style and design of the items, I'm thrilled with the prices really as I think a lot of people, including myself, would have paid more for some of these items!
You'll be able to check out my styled outfits on Saturday (halloween itself, I'm not one to dress up or party, so they won't be crazy!), but for now some features - I saw so many people styling items, and some have slipped the items seamlessly into totally different looks, it's great =D
Eyes.. has styled the Couture Tulle Gown and gone for a masked ball style with the inclusion of the mask and headpiece - those Voile Holiday Boutique shoes are the perfect addition to the look!
Pervuhina has made some creative changes to the Gothic Couture Gown, really helping make it a much more wearable piece! It looks great with the glittered additions and totally sells me the dress^ This dress also is very familiar to the Drastic Cutout Dress from MSW 15, which is currently on sale! 
Miloshki gains another to her pile of features with this fabulous rock look featuring the male Gothic Floral Tee - it's a perfect match with pink and some leather, also with that hair, total perfection from this outfit =)
Finally Fashion.By, another regular, styling the Faux Fox Vest in such an awesome way! It works very well with the grey tones and the white really pops. Also loving those shoes, they're both a good match to the whole look and style as well as the Vest itself, great work!

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