Sunday, 25 October 2015

R U N W A Y | Release Review

Yesterday Stardoll released a brand new store, Runway, inspired by the latest fashion week. It's a fab idea that I think we'd love more often, maybe just not in a limited capactiy! The ad looks super cool, it's different and really stands out, I think the models and composition is perfect for it, so let's go on and take a look at the store: 
It's a pretty small collection, although fairly expected as it is limited in number, with 8 different looks to be had. I think there is a pretty decent variety of styles and types of clothing available, although it is very dress-heavy =) As we already knew, this store was limited and going from the pieces I purchased, there were 400-800 items of each available, which is about on par with other limited releases. I was glad to see that the majority of items were available for everyone with just one SS and one Royalty only pieces available - so it makes it fair and I think sometimes that's all we ask for from Stardoll!
I do think this release represents the RL collections pretty well, although there are probably hundreds of items that would, and I think everything's been well designed from the originals and that everything does look pretty good on the dolls. The colours are fairly muted, although that makes the red toned Lanvin Inspired Drape Dress stand out in a crowd with it's Lanvin Inspired White Heels - I love these shoes so much, a great wardrobe classic^ In terms of the other dresses, I think the Sacai Inspired Dress really stands out in the crowd. The design is good and the pattern really looks great. What also stands out is the Celine look, because it doesn't have a dress instead choosing the Celine Inspired Pants - I'm a goner for trousers, so these were purchased immediately! They are styled well in the store, and look particularly good with the Patent Runway Heels.
Thinking of accessories, the shoes are all great! Aside from the pairs I've already mentioned, I also love the Mouret Inspired Sandals. The shape is unique and the cutout pattern gives them a current and different feel to other similar shoes. I think a bag or two could have fitted in nicely, but overall Im happy how the accessories have been done!
So the prices range from 15 to 110SD's - the shoes are 30 to 45SD's which is pretty much the price limited shoes have cost in the past, and most clothing items are under the 75SD mark, again, the prices which we've definitely seen in the past for other limited collections. I've seen people saying it's too expensive etc. but I think if you take the time to choose wisely, it really doesn't have to be =)
In the end I did purchase a lot of items, mostly shoes really, but I've tried to style everything for you today:
I definitely need to work with these Celine Inspired Pants a little, although I think they suit black and dark brown well, with the third of my looks being my favourite! Will think of some other colour combinations to give a go with them =)
The Sacai Inspired Dress is a piece which I think looks great on it's own and doesn't really need anything added because I really do like all aspects of it, but I gave a few different things a go - the grey of the last coat really does look good with the blue tones of the skirt!
The final look is from this pair which were presented together on the shop floor - the Runway Full Slip and the Dries Van Noten Inspired Dress - I styled looks with them both together and separately, and I really love all 3! These two pieces are both complimentary to each other and can hold their own - with the brown tones suiting earthy neutral colours and the paler slip working well with light and airy. This third look is most definitely one of my all time favourite white looks and I'm super happy with the whole feel from the clothing I chose to the accessories!

What do you guys think of this new release - a good one? And my styled looks, seen any combinations you like? Let me know in comments!

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