Wednesday, 21 October 2015

E N D A N G E R E D S P E C I E S | Release Review

On Monday Stardoll released a new store, Endangered Species, which I think we had been expecting for a little while although it definitely wasn't what I was expecting the store to be at all! I was thinking animals, like we've had before, but in my opinion this is better! So let's check out the release =)
It's a fairly intimate collection with just this one floor and this small number of items, but I don't find myself disappointed with the lack of a wide variety of pieces or choice. There is also a male choice in this release, which is good, although the Green World Shawl could definitely work for anyone. Within the rest of the clothing there's a pretty even split with a few dresses, skirts and top halves however I would have loved some trousers as a great print could look awesome on them!
There are two outerwear items available - both pretty versatile in black! I think I prefer the Warm Black Shrug over the Tied Autumn Shawl just for the fringe aspects for this season. Although I haven't purchased either yet I do think I would consider both if they were on sale. Elsewhere in single colour pieces I think that the Pleated Structure Skirt really stands out - it was the first piece that caught my eye when I opened the store. It's got pretty decent versatility and the overall style makes it a pretty basic staple. The colour is pretty nice and fits in well with the season, so is definitely a winner for this collection! Moving onto dresses, I didn't feel the need to purchase either or the Tropical Silk Jumpsuit. I love Giant Panda's, they're one of my favourite animals, but to me the Abstract Panda Dress just doesn't hit it unfortunately.
In looking at the print based items, the Tortoise Print Thigh Highs and the Tortoise Print Top are both super cool, I love the print on the items particularly the boots, but in considering ease of styling, then I'm not so sure. Which brings me onto the other accessories - I love the Tortoise Print Heels a lot, they are pretty high but the colouring is just perfect.
So the prices for this store range from 10 to 19SD's, with the Interior also for sale for 30SD. I feel like the prices for some items do seem quite high for what they are and how they have been designed, but that might just be opinion. In the end I purchased only two items and it was still almost 30SD's, so yes maybe a little on the pricier side.
I styled the Pleated Structured Skirt for you here, and I do feel some sort of repetitiveness between my looks, but brown only goes with so much - I'm sure I'll get more adventurous with it over time!
I'm also working on my brand new computer, a Mac instead of a Windows like I'm used to so it's a little different - please bear with me as it definitely takes longer for me to work with photoshop without my usual shortcuts etc.!

So what do you guys think of this store - got anything you love wearing now? Let me know in comments!

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