Saturday, 31 October 2015

Tingeling Halloween Couture Styled Outfits

Happy halloween! Today's post is my Styled Outfits from the recent Tingeling Halloween Couture release - I bought a few pieces and will no doubt buy more, but here's what I've put together so far:
Firstly the awesome Deep Velvet Trousers, and I think I kinda went towards a pink/purple theme a little because I wear too much black and white! I do feel like I could have done better with these looks, but I do quite like the first floral blazer with the trousers and the shape it gives to the doll, I also like the white faux fur as quite a contrast to them. The trousers are pretty similar to a free pair that I got some time ago though, and I've worn them a lot so can tell these will get wear and will be fairly versatile.
And secondly the Faux Fox Vest - and I love these looks! Now I featured this in a grey based look in my review post, so I've kinda gone either side with black and white, and the vest suits both very well! The white look is much more summer styled, but I love the vest with these PPQ Wide White Trousers. I also love it in my more winter based second look, the pairing of the knit seems like a great idea but I kept it fashionable with Dior - I just really love this look^

So now that there's been time to mull the store over, what are you guys' thoughts and opinions? And on my looks, which do you like best? Let me know in comments!


  1. Halloween chic, I like it, where are the shoes from the last look from?

    1. I got my pair from Callie's Picks: