Wednesday, 14 October 2015

E V I L P A N D A | Release Review

At the end of last week there we had a new Evil Panda release. This is typically not a store I make regular trips to, but a new release is worth a quick look and therefore a review^ The homepage ad is quite striking and I think the bright red really pulls the eye of members.
This is a fairly mixed collection with different tops and bottoms available. Lacking a little in accessories maybe though. But everything really fits well with the vibe of the rest of the store which is good.
I'll start with accessories, definitely feeling less this release - just one bag, the Red Studded Backpack, which I really do like and have purchased because it's awesome and I think a fairly versatile piece to fit into looks. I'm not really into either pair of shoes, they're alright but just not something I would find myself using in outfits. The Mickey Ears Headband is pretty cute, but not something that works everyday for me!
I do quite like some of the clothing. Being Scottish, tartan will always stand out to me and I'll always want to purchase it, haha! But I'm more into bluey green tartans, so the brights aren't necessarily for me, but I'm still definitely considering purchasing the Tartan Crop Top and the Yellow Tartan Preppy Dress - that has a great shape, it's a cute style^
One piece that really stands out to me are the High Waist Studded Leather Pants, these have a different, very rocker chic vibe to them which varies from the collection. They look well designed and super high fashion - a fabulous addition to this store! Another fabulous addition is the Suspender Leather Skirt, which is designed well and made from a perfect material for the season. I love the shape and length of it, which I think help make it a versatile piece for your wardrobe. I'm still thinking about whether or not to buy the other skirts - I really quite like both the High Waist Striped Skirt and the Studded Mid Waist Skirt, but not entirely sure how I'd go about styling them - I think I'll give it a while and see if others style them or if they're ever in a sale =)
Speaking of money - the range for this collection is 5 to 22SD's. Which isn't that bad and I'd say prices were very much in line with other similar releases. 
I just styled one of the pieces I did end up buying, the Preppy Cropp Top which is very versatile and I found myself styling it very much outwith the store release:
Lastly a couple of features, really loved these looks and they both show the items fitting well with the rest of a wardrobe! Pannkaksemma and Andre1396 =D

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  1. I love reading your reviews. They are amazingly comprehensive. Thanks for posting this.