Saturday, 17 October 2015

Blog recommendation

This is a little new for me, but I wanna give you guys a blog recommendation! Now I will put the disclaimer out there that the blog isn't active anymore, however all the content is still there and I think it's a perfect idea for a blog - I would support it's continuation completely^^
Inspiracjum is a polish blog with quite literally hundreds of posts of inspirations for looks put together by a bunch of different people who all have great style! Now I particularly love the makeup postings, there are some amazing combinations that have inspired me to try out more in the Plaza stores, but also some great pairings of clothing items - to get an idea, here are a handful of great posts, but do check the blog out to see absolutely everything, the presentation of items is amazing and it's definitely worth a check out =D


  1. Seems like a great blog! Love especially those make-up pics, I'm hopeless when it comes to applying make-up.. With the help of those, gonna go to the beauty parlor right now..

  2. I love the way they're blog looks! And makeup, love it!

  3. It WAS a great blog untill stardoll's staff deleted account of the owner, no one knows why :( She was a really active blogger in Poland, but then they deleted her account and she left stardoll :<