Friday, 16 October 2015

SUBCOUTURE | Release Review

Nice surprise for the end of the week - brand new Subcouture! I always love these releases because I know I'll always find something to buy, not so great for my purse but my wardrobe definitely feels better off =D Anyway I really like the homepage advert, it's got a twinge of minimal with the background, simply 3 dolls and the outfits chosen - I also think it sell the store well and gives me desire to check it out immediately - so let's do that:
Just one floor but it's definitely packed with a lot of items for us. I get a very much 'black' vibe from the store from the majority of the pieces, so I'm all for that and my eyes flit between everything when I look at the store, so a lot of pieces going for my attention - initial signs of a winner right there Stardoll! But the piece which stood out most? Gotta be the Draped Minimalist Dress, I think the shading is great along with the design, must be something about the highlighted colour which pulls my eye so strongly. The other black pieces I love have to include the Tailored Black Jumpsuit, it's a little hidden in the store, but put it on and you'll feel fabulous in an instant^ A basic black piece you could add to your wardrobe would have to be the Buttoned Shoulder Top, so it might be something to go for if you're on a limited budget and want something that will work in most outfit scenarios. While we're speaking of basics, the Second Skin Body Light, Second Skin Body and Sheer Jersey Tank are not to be missed - they seem like key classics for this season this year. I ended up purchasing all 3 and am excited to style them all =)
I've mentioned some of my top picks, but what of the rest? I have a funny eye for the Laced Cage Skirt, a piece out of my style zone, but maybe worth a shot, I'm still thinking about it. The two zebra prints, the Faux Zebra Coat and the Draped Zebra Shawl are pretty cool and most likely fall into the category of pieces I'd style, but again, still something I'm thinking about.
Now accessories - let me just drool some more because I'm really loving these, Stardoll did such a good job there^ Of the shoes my favourites are the Mabille Inspired Heels, but the Classic Patent Boots are also calling my name. Bags - kinda just love them all, the Subcouture Clasp Clutch is a great traditional piece, and the Patent Vanity Case is a great pop of colour, orange is great for bags. And I also love the Studded Chocker, I can see it being included in a lot of looks.
The price range of the collection is from 12 to 28SD's, which I actually think is pretty good for a collection like this. I didn't feel like anything was overprices at all, although in the end I think it meant I spent a lot more SD because of it - oops, nevermind!

So my styled outfits will be coming out on Sunday, but now onto rather a lot of features - so many people look amazing in this collection!
Firstly the always wonderful Mia1435 - the Second Skin Body Light is a great match for that Suspender Leather Skirt and the rest is like history! Those silver based accessories are so. on. point. Just love this whole combination so much (you can still get those shoes at Fallen Angel, I've totally just gone and bought them myself^)

Miloshki on point as always! The Draped Minimalist Dress looks great, as the name says, in a minimal style and it rocks here =) Simply adore it with the skull scarf and that bag, an unusual but fab combination.
Very smart casual look from nly-nilay using the Draped Zebra Shawl - I was a little unsure whether to purchase but this look definitely swayed me because it looks awesome with jeans!
Now baby_lush11 looking super bright and autumnal in the Oversized Autumn Shrug, and it looks totally awesome paired with the Black Net Trench - plus the two look great with those flared jeans =)
Finally here is xCookie styling the Draped Moto Jacket, a piece I'm still considering. Even though it's designed for a male body, it clearly still works perfectly well for the girls too^ Perfect look with the cap and those boots!

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