Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Callie's Picks | L O O K B O O K

Our fortnightly dose of Callie's Picks was released last week, on the theme of fiction - pretty creative and different! In terms of style though, I didn't find much I liked or items that would easily meld into my current wardrobe, so instead of a review I decided to put together a mini Lookbook with the piece I did end up buying, the Cropped Jumpsuit:
Once I got going, I really found it easy to choose pieces to work with the jumpsuit and really ended up styling it more like a pair of culottes (I'd love more of these on Stardoll!) - and I ended up doing 4 looks so you can click on the image to see the full size =)
I did get the typical all black look in there with my first look - I quite like the idea of tights with the jumpsuit, but really struggled choosing shoes which worked well with the combination, so I'll need to try this one again! But this shirt (featured in my Wearing OCTOBER post) suits the jumpsuit well, so I enjoyed getting to wear this combination. Then I really went all out on the colours - green and red are pretty bright compared to some of my styled outfits lately! I've been trying to get this Hotbuys Emerald Green Coat (It Girls) into more look and I'm pretty happy with this, and it goes well with the D&G shirt I've paired beneath. Also glad I'm wearing this Balmain Fire Red Blazer and I'm really pleased with how this outfit came out, especially with the lace and the snake-print bag, definitely a combination I might need to repeat! My final look is sort of a classic for me - love this grouping of the greys, I think they all work well together and stand out against the black - my favourite look of the post I think!

What do you guys think of my looks? And this whole release - did you guys get pieces you liked? Let me know in comments!

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