Monday, 5 October 2015

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E | Release Review

Last week brought us a new Original Future release. The homepage ad has a very funky modern feel to it with all those colours, not something I'd classically go for, but often I find Original Future releases can be full of surprises, so let's check out the store:
There's actually quite an abundance of grey items in this release, which I think do stand out well amongst the rest - which have quite an orange-y theme about them, particularly based around the Orange Jersey Dress which is like this releases version of the Minimalist Jersey Dress. Anyways, I love the grey (and versions of grey, i.e. the black and white) clothing in the store and I think with these additions to the release it makes me want to buy pieces from the store. There's also a good variety of items, tops, bottoms, dresses, and a couple of pieces for guys too which are always welcomed. There's also a small selection of accessories - with this I really wasn't impressed at first, but after taking a closer look at the Plexiglass Earrings, I actually really like them, they have a super cool two-part body which is half wood and half perspex, and they're very original for earrings in the plaza, so I'm super happy I took a closer look! Other accessories like the Chunky Knit Beanie and the Chunky Knit Scarf are definitely geared towards a certain taste, it's just not mine and so I won't be purchasing them.
Back onto the clothing, I think quite a lot of the pieces look good and promising on the hanger, but then I definitely feel differently once they're on my doll. I really liked the look of both the Draped Jersey Sweater and the Draped Jersey Vest, but they don't quite look as good when they're on my doll I don't think. A piece I'm on the fence about is the Furry Bomber - it has a great look and it works alright on my doll, I'm just thinking about how often I would wear it. Maybe it'll be a piece I'd buy in a sale though. The piece I'm most impressed with is the Casual Sweater, which will probably be this collections big purchase for most people! And I think it's in perfect time for fashion week (or month really!) as it's the sort of piece I envision people dressing up really well despite it being aptly named with 'casual'. It's also a good autumn winter piece that I looked forward to styling^
The price range seems a little high for a fairly regular release like this, going from 8 to 19SD's, with most pieces above 14SD's, so not really the most affordable collection in my opinion. Which is probably why I really thought about it and only purchased 3 items - the aforementioned Plexiglass Earrings and Casual Sweater, but also the Margiela Inspired Apron Dress, most definitely an unusual purchase for me, but I really like it and really wanted to give a go styling it after seeing all these great FW street style looks which are packed with inspiration for looks =D
Firstly the Plexiglass Earrings, which I stuck to a pretty blue and white look for and I think works effectively for them.Particularly love my first look with them, their light blue shade really stands out against the dark blue of the Navy Silk Blazer.
Secondly the Margiela Inspired Apron Dress, my first look I'm not sure about, I wanted to take into account the ties at the waist on both, but it's not working quite how I was thinking! Love the second and third looks though, very autumnal I think, and the Hotbuys Tirol Sweater is a great match^
Finally the Casual Sweater, which I feel like I've tried to dress up a little^ I like it with the bright yellow skirt, but I think I am torn between the second and third looks as to which is my favourite. It's another piece that goes well with the Tirol Sweater, but it looks totally amazing with the all white look on the end - what do you guys think?

And very finally, some quick features, glass3 looks fabulous in that awfully risque High Slit Jersey Tank, not a piece for me, but I adore it with those sneakers and some Chanel, such a fab combination:
Next CandyStarSmile4 has worn the Furry Bomber in a pretty formal look, I love it combined with the slight sparkle in the trousers, and it looks great with the grey even though it's got similar shades and may blend with the tones:
Finally in the features, another two wearing the Casual Sweater! Both Miver and Gagapocker have styled it with pale jeans, and it looks awesome in both, with either colours from the green, or neutral tones from the sheer tee. And these two look fab in the new Tress Up hairs!

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