Thursday, 15 October 2015

StarDesign standout | F E N D I

Now I don't publish much about StarDesign because it's not something I generally find myself wearing much at all and there's not many posts with that label here on the blog! However adding another post to that bunch now^
I spotted Mery.- here wearing this Fendi inspired sweater and this look is so awesome, and the design of the sweater is perfect, who knew StarDesign could make a piece which looks just like knitwear?! I certainly didn't so perhaps I should be paying attention more often.
So I proceeded to check out the designer, vgnails and spotted this whole shop front with Fendi sweaters, so much choice, so well designed and a great price! I don't think 20SD's is all that much for a piece like this (especially when you see some items for sale for over 40 or 50SD's and it's not entirely an affordable price) - so to me this checked all the boxes, perfect =D
I immediately purchased the third from the right - the black one with 3 sets of 'eyes' as such with blue, magenta and red faux fur. It's a very versatile piece and I found it so easy to pull items from my wardrobe to match with it, particularly shoes as I seem to have a lot of choices to work with the colours on the sweater.
I chose to go for trousers with my looks, and did get a little variation from all black, ok it's just one pair, but black clothing is really standing out to me right now and it's something you can't really go too wrong with. I think this hairstyle (the Relaxed Spa Hair from the latest Tress Up release) works pretty well with this sweater too^^
And a different version of the sweater also comes from violessa - the bright colours definitely pop and this styling by fearstar is great at really showing off the sweater well:

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