Saturday, 3 October 2015

T R E S S U P | Release Review

Monday brought us a brand new floor of Tress Up to the Beauty section of the Plaza - I think the blue of the homepage ad is a lovely tone, and for me at least draws my eye. The models fit together quite nicely with their long locks and their 3 different, yet tying together, makeup looks.
The store itself is absolutely jam packed with hairstyles, 17 styles in total! There's quite an abundance of shoulder-length styles, but there a a couple of long and short hairs thrown in there too. Quite a few of the styles look a little familiar, so maybe some inspiration has been taken from StarDesigns like I think it might have been before (?).
Anyway, I really liked the look of most of these on first glances - I think they're all pretty well designed and each is quite individual in the store and in the Tress Up brand as a whole, which is getting pretty difficult with the number of styles there have been in total! So I tried everything on and gave each piece a good think before giving it a maybe or a no. Some of the larger styles, like the Messy Sunday Hair or the Feeling Flirty Hair just didn't work for me at all. They didn't suit my doll, nor did I really find myself wanting to wear them either. But I do quite like some of the long, slightly flatter hairs like the First Impression Hair or the Ready For Work Hair:
But for me the shorter styles definitely take the cake in terms of favourite styles, now I'm still waiting to see someone absolutely rock the Relaxed Spa Hair or the Back To School Hair before I'll buy them, but they're on my wait list right now. But the two I new I wanted to purchase immediately were the Saturday In Hair (I wear this a lot in RL, haha!) and the First Date Hair (my hair in RL is like a cross between this and the Ready For Work Hair, so they're total winners in my opinion^):
I really think these 4 styles which I purchased will keep me kitted out for a little while in the hair department!
Now I do think the downside to this release was the prices - the range was 17 to 27SD's, with quite a number of pieces above the 20SD mark, which is quite pricey. The 4 pieces I bought came to about 70-80SD's, which is a lot if you don't have a lot of SD savings or are new to the site, so buying all the pieces you like might take a while. The bonus is that these collections don't tend to leave the Plaza for quite a while, so I wouldn't worry about it right now^
The styles have been seen on quite a few dolls, and I think there are definitely a clear three favourites - the London Break Hair, the First Date Hair and the Ready For Work Hair, and they definitely are looking like classic styles to me!
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  1. First date hair suits you so well! It's my favorite with the one I'm wearing. :) Thanks for featuring!

  2. I think that my fav one is First date hair, it's just what my hair used to look like few months ago, when I had it cut. I'm thinking about doing it again. x