Saturday, 10 October 2015

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

This week brought us another Callie's Picks collection, this time with the theme of Pink Ribbon for breast cancer awareness and brought us a whole two floors of goodies with a very lovely pink theme (I love pink, but it's not always a colour I find I can wear well) - so lets take a look at the store!
These two floors are great and absolutley brimming with new pieces for us to get our hands on again! There's a very good mix of items, and not everything is pink, you gotta have something to break it up a little, but I love the range of pinks but am naturally more drawn to paler pieces. There's also a mix between dresses, tops, bottoms and a lot of accessories. I also think there are numerous older classics available with this release, so great to get your hands on if you missed them the first time around. For me the Mami Inspired Top is a fantastic piece to have released and thanks to Callie's Picks recently I've been steadily ticking items off my wishlist! But other great classics include the Open Black Cape, the Dior Couture Black Trousers and the Camel Clutch.
Speaking of accessories the bags are stunning and we're getting a lot of Tribute pieces, so that's wonderful for this release - the Givenchy Ivory Structured Handbag is a timeless piece, and I find myself using it a lot so this opportunity is a good one! With the shoes I wasn't too blown away, the Louboutin Guerrilla Booties are a rock 'n roll choice which I may pick up later, and if you're Royalty then the Fendi Silver Nude Platforms could be a good choice, however they're 32SD's so not entirely an affordable everyday price^
The clothing is pretty decent, I've mentioned my favourite item in the Mami Inspired Top, but there are some other good items among the rest. I have quite a few of the items already and therefore don't need to repurchase, however items which caught my eye include the Ice Pink Robe and the Monique Jumper, both of which are pale/nude and I think could be styled well to stand out or to fit nicely in with the rest of your wardrobe.
Prices of this release range from 8 to 45 SD, with more items really priced in the late teens/early twenties and the few fabulous Tribute accessories in the upper end of the scale. So yeah, some things are a little pricey for what you're getting, but a lot of the Tribute items were in those price brackets when originally in the store, so it maybe should be a little expected.
Anyways, here's a couple of stylings with the pieces I bought in the release:
Firstly the Mami Inspired Top, which I think I covered a little too much with my seasonal looks! Tried to keep it quite light with whites and pinks and lilacs in my looks, I think it looks great with that Lavender Alpaca Coat^
Secondly the Monique Jumper, which I've found is a perfect base for pretty much most looks! The colour is perfect for the season when wearing browns and reds, and I think it would fit nicely into my latest Wearing post =) I particularly love my first look with the use of the Beckham Bell Bottoms.
Lastly a quick feature - gagapocker looks sooooooo amazing and chic styling the Ice Pink Robe, this is totally how awesome I want to look wearing it^

What do you guys think of this release? Pleased to get some of these pieces back? Let us know in comments^

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  1. I love this collection! I bought immediately the Open Black Cape. I was looking for it.
    I think I'll buy other items later.

    Anyway, I love your styled outfits ^^ all perfect. And the feature? As you said it's really amazing.