Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #45

Normally I really amn't someone to show off my doll's midriff, it's not really a style or something that I'm a fan of, however as I was testing out things to wear I just tried this, and surprised myself by really liking it - it's always worth giving something a shot! So I'm excited to share this look with you =) Also coming up in the next week will be my reviews for both the new Nelly and It Girls releases! I know they've been out a while, but I've been excited to do them, so better late than never =)
Black Crop Top, Original Future
Marlin Trousers, Miss Sixty
Tartan Bomber Jacket, Callie's Picks

YSL Bowler Bag, Saint Laurent
Black Rockstud Pumps, Valentino

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