Monday, 3 March 2014

Oscars 2014 - Lupita and Jen

Images from Vogue.co.uk

Had to post Lupita and Jennifers looks right away - I am quite literally obsessed with JLaw, and with the awards season, I have become very attached to Lupita and all of her amazing dresses, I mean she looks amazing in literally anything!
The stream I'm watching paused quite literally at the moment that Jen stepped out of the car and tripped on the cone, then my internet stopped working and I actually thought I might cry, there were tears in my eyes, it's ridiculous!

P.S. Hoping for inspired dresses to be released on SD tomorrow? I want both of these^ 


  1. If they do make an inspired dress, they better make the dress look like perfection

  2. i'm yet to see Lupita not look incredible! she always looks so amazing
    i'm absolutely obsessed with jennifer but I haven't been a fan of all the dior looks she's had as of late, love this one though!! it suits her so perfectly

  3. It's not funny how perf JLaw is even when she trips, just... ugh. I'm glad that she chose the simpler road, as opposed to previous red carpet dresses she's worn, the red suits her so well. And, I think everyone can agree that Lupita is a fashion icon. The pale blue goes so well with her flawless complexion. My favorite, however was definitely Cate Blanchett's, I'm pretty sure I'm getting an unhealthy obsession with her award-show attire, the Golden Globes, and now the Oscars... *-*