Monday, 31 March 2014

It Girls

So I think it was maybe 2 weeks ago now (maybe? maybe not?) that we got this new bunch of items in It Girls based on some of the best It Girls themselves! I am a huge Olivia Palermo fan, so anything to do with her is gonna be good in my books! 
So here is the whole array of items (there is one dress on the next page too) - which I think are a good mix, there's tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, a bag and a belt, for just one page of items, not too shabby! Prices range from 6SD for a belt to 18SD for a dress, a good range I'd say, especially as the items are very wearable, it wouldn't be too tricky to manage to get them all into different looks (I have to say that sounds like a challenge - one I really don't have time for!). I bought the majority of the items to be honest, I think they're mostly my style and will easily combine with things that I already have:
Very much yet to decide which is my favourite piece of the release, but I am leaning towards that stunning yellow dress - I love it a lot =)
As per, I haven't had time to style any of my pieces yet, but here are some super cool and stylish looks that I spotted around the site a couple of days ago: 

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