Thursday, 27 March 2014

Capelet spectrum

Opposite ends of the spectrum with these two capelet looks - the first from LadyPopscarllat and the second from KimMimi8 =) I actually took these pics with the intention of separate posts, but then it all just fell into place and I thought it was interesting how each complete look is at opposite ends of the colour spectrum, one dark skinned dark haired beauty and one fair skinned platinum blonde beauty! And they've respectively gone for black and white based outfits - weird how things play out =)
Anyway I love both of their looks, and they've actually both gone for Chanel clutches, totally didn't notice that until I was writing this! 
Fabulous fabulous work =D

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  1. Just gonna get this out here, I adore LadyPopscarllat's medoll! :D