Saturday, 29 March 2014

Contest #1 Transparent plastic - Winners

Hello everyone,

At the beginning, I would like to apologize for the delay. Without further ado, the first place in the transparent plastic contest and the prize (50 SD) goes to Jennakorpas. Distinction and the prize (20 SD) goes to bang.frog. To receive stardollars, (if you're a superstar) reserve something for SarahVIP in your starbazaar. If you're not SS, send me by e-mail your wishlist or just simply write me in the comments section. 

Thank you all for participation and congratulations to the winners! 

Here are the details of your voting:


First place (50 SD) - Jennakorpas  

 Distinction (20 SD) - bang.frog


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  2. Hey, I have just saved the rio cape and fallen angel bag in my wishlist. They would be perfect, as I am not superstar. Thank you so much. bang.frog