Saturday, 29 March 2014

Nelly Review

So sometime in the past couple of weeks this new release of Nelly was placed on our doorsteps:
In my opinion this is one of the weaker Nelly collections, it really just had a lot fewer pieces of interest for me - I'm sure some of you guys will agree with me, but there will be some people out there who love it! 
There's a good mix of clothing and accessories pieces, with prices ranging from 9 to 25 SD's, which really isn't that bad as most items fall in the middle rather than at the top of the range. When the store first came out I picked up only 2 pieces, but I've since bought a couple more - unfortunately I've been yet to style anything:
I honestly thought I'd bought more, but I'm so behind that I just realised they were from the last release - whoops =S
I really loved the jeans as soon as I saw them, I think they're an easy fit into my closet and style. The skirt is definitely not my everyday sort of style, but it reminded me of something I saw a blogger wear once and I just couldn't help but see it in a sports luxe kind of way, so wanted to try and recreate that - had no time so far, but hopefully I'll style it soon - if not for Wear My Closet, then just a regular styled outfit! Just got the shirt recently after featuring it here - just had to get it, will probably end up getting the skirt too =) I'm also really tempted by the two skirts on the second image above, the white one and the black and white patterned one, I think they could make really cute summery outfits, and the pink floral sweater on the first page, that could look great =)

So as per, had no time, I'm very exhausted, it's almost half midnight here and I still have to make my pasta for lunch tomorrow, apologies neighbours if I fall asleep and leave my cooker on and burn down our flats =P Just kidding that won't happen ... !

Anyway, here are a handful of outfits with these Nelly pieces that I've seen around the site:
Jelinna wearing Klara Skirt, 14SD's
RockinEllee wears Pattern Skirt, 14SD's
Badscere wears Oh La Top, 15SD'

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