Sunday, 23 March 2014

Review: FIERCE Magazine

I haven't written a Magazine review in a very very long time, but there really hasn't been much to write about - however now there is with that fabulous surprise release of FIERCE! =D
Fierce was one of the kind of original original magazines on Stardoll, so I'm sure a lot of the newer members of the past couple of years will be new to the magazine or won't have heard of it before.
I think the cover looks amazing, particularly the layout, I think it just works and it can be tricky to get right - choosing a font, where to put the text, how much text to put - but I think it turned out great! The graphic is super beautiful and I think the style works well for the issue, I wouldn't say it's a Stardoll graphic as such, it's much more an artpiece.
The rest of the graphics looked great too, in my opinion. I liked the different feel about them that other graphics designers don't have, and I think it all fitted together really nicely. I especially liked the influential part of the magazine, I thought that was a great choice and really was executed well =) I'm really not one to read articles in magazines that much unless they really really interest me, plus I don't really have time (I have my issue of Vogue sitting open at the Nigella article, it's been like that for 3 weeks, I just don't have time, another thing, I seem to have a knack of waiting until a programme expires on BBC iPlayer and then have a panic and rush to see it, I've been cutting it fine numerous times - I managed to finish last weeks Casualty tonight with less than a minute to spare!!!), but I did read this one, which was kinda based on the influential theme and kind of an interview with Maggie, but it's very insightful and very well written, if you haven't read it yet, you should!
I also enjoyed seeing the pieces at the end from 'The Archives' because skill-wise, they're amazing!

Overall I think it was a great note to end on - and who knows, maybe it will bring inspiration to more members and bring something back to the magazine world on Stardoll? You never know!

To end, here are a couple of the pages from the magazine, I particularly love the graphic in the first one =)  

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