Saturday, 8 March 2014

New Release - Nelly

Yesterday we were treated to a new release of Nelly floors:
Two new floors of clothing and shoes for us to enjoy! I think it's an interesting mix of things, but I have to say I prefer this collection a lot less than previous ones, I find a lot of the things are quite unwearble and wouldn't fit too well into my style or current wardrobe. I did buy several pieces though, so it wasn't a totally disappointing release =) Here's the things I did buy:
I fell in love with the jeans and white shoes as soon as I saw them, so they were no brainer pieces for me! And I felt some weird attraction to the hat, it's very un-me and although I like some hats, I never really wear hats on my doll at all, but I kinda felt like I was missing out on something if I didn't get this? Hmm, we'll see, lets hope I manage to wear it! I don't really own many grey tops, so it was quite nice to pick these two up, looking forward to wearing them too =) 
So I've done a quick styling for you guys to see the jeans - they're a piece I've yet to see being worn around Stardoll, so many some inspiration might help?
I seem to have gravitated to pairing them with paler pastel colours, but I think they do look fab with that bright pink cardi! I really like all the looks, and they look good with heels, flat sandals and trainers, which is a definite plus - I did have a pair of wedges to style them with too, but I though 3 looks would be enough =) 

And now a couple of looks that I spotted around Stardoll of members wearing the new items:
 ^AngelOoops wearing the Medley Jacket in a formal manner, I think it looks great with the maxi!
^Marbum may only be wearing the Celfie Hat, but it's a fantastic look none the less!


  1. I NEED the Celfie hat *-*

  2. Your outfits are great :) This was my least favorite collection too! My favorite piece was the Celfie hat it is so 2014 :)

  3. I was rather disappointed with this collection... a lot of the pieces just weren't very stylish, in my opinion.