Friday, 28 March 2014

Cable Knit

So both of these outfits style that cute Cable Knit sweater and they are styled by Beluchiitaa and Bianca.Vos (Whose doll I can no longer find on SD! If you know her please tell me if I've spelt her username wrong or something so I can get a link up!) - this is a new(ish) piece from the latest Bizou release [ok, not that recent, but this is me, it feels like it could have been a couple of days ago =P]. Anyway I love each of these very different stylings, one very casual, cute and feminine, the other a much more high fashion outfit making it look like a super chic piece - who knew this sweater would look great in either style?!
I've been kind of on the fence about it and haven't bought it yet, this is pushing me in the right direction though =)

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