Friday, 3 June 2016

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Release Review

Stardoll gave us all a Tuesday surprise this week by releasing a new collection - yep, a whole one! - of Young Hollywood! It's themed on the Met Gala, which was a month ago, so maybe a little late, but it joins a whole host of other limited releases we've had recently. The ad is cute, and I think it sells variety in the store, so let's get on and take a glance!
We got two whole floors this time, which makes a huge change from the mini-releases we've been getting a bit used to with some past events. There's a whole host of items in this release, just nothing for the male dolls this time.
The collection is pretty minimal on the accessories front with a focus on shoes mostly, but there's a pretty good range there. Everything is heeled (naturally) but the 4 pairs available give an alright range and some great style for your doll. I really quite like both the Adriana Lima Met Gala Heels and the silvery Kurkova Met Gala Heels, they have super cute strapped styles and will be perfect for summery formal looks.
And then the fabulous clothing - all in the form of evening wear, although if you play it right there's a few pieces that would make perfect summer daytime looks, especially those individual pieces. Here I'm thinking of the Adriana Lima Met Gala Skirt or Top, and maybe even the Doutzen Met Gala Skirt, which was probably the most popular piece of the collection! I tried to think about this when I was styling my looks as I'm not someone who wears a lot of formal evening wear, so this is pretty important when wanting to get wear out of items which certainly don't come cheap! The gowns are super beautiful though, and they certainly haven't scrimped on the detailing or glittering glamour. The first floor pieces really have a focus on the details of design in the Katy Met Gala Gown, Dakota Met Gala Dress and the Kurkova Met Gala Dress - the last of which is totally in my style zone and those flowers are amazing! The shapes of all 3 are very flattering and really would suit most people I think - the sheer coloured stars are definitely attracting a lot of attention which I saw when searching for features =) The second floor dresses have a huge amount of dazzle to them with all that silver, it's very eye-catching, so exactly what you want from Young Hollywood pieces really! Despite the theme of glitter, each of the dresses is unique in style and design, which is great, and really ranges from a minimal amount in the navy Katie Met Gala Dress right up to the whole whack with the Naomi Met Gala Dress, which is definitely a little more flesh-baring too!
Prices range from 35 to 175SD, with accessories all being pretty well priced and the dresses (as expected) at the upper end of the scale. With the higher price I can see why people are starting to become a little more hesitant about purchasing, but I do hope more people give some of the pieces a chance =)
Overall a pretty good collection I'd say, and pretty successful, although there are some items remaining in the store as I publish this.
Now my styled outfits. I had so much fun working with these pieces, and as I mentioned before, I was going for some more wearable styles when I was putting these together - and I really think I got that nailed^ Firstly the Adriana Lima Met Gala Skirt which I paired with the Katie Met Gala Heels as I really think the navy suits this skirt well. I stuck with the basic whites for the rest of the pieces because everything should be about that fabulous floral print! Secondly I styled the Doutzen Met Gala Skirt, and again I tried to dress down just a tad and went with this pretty yet neutral Chanel shirt and some golden bag choices, again, the skirt is a stand out piece and it doesn't need too much to make it look good. Lastly the most easily casual piece of the collection, the Adriana Lima Met Gala Top with it's edgy houndstooth print - saying that, I really didn't go as casual as I could have, but it's a perfect fit with these LE trousers and the Adriana Lima Met Gala Heels^ Plus this last look is a good one with that cute clutch, now starting to wish I'd saved it for a challenge post!
And finally a few features! Firstly wearing the Miranda Met Gala Top is MeLolitka. I love this style for it, and it's totally different to how I was expecting the top to be worn and I really quite like it, plus it shows some super versatility for the pieces =)
And then secondly kladiaaa wearing the Dakota Met Gala Dress - I love it with the leather, but it was the pairing with the bag that really caught my attention, I adore this pink addition =D The hair and sunglasses were also good choices for this look - great work!

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