Friday, 17 June 2016

I N S P I R E D B Y J O H N G A L L I A N O | Tribute Review

It's the start of Tribute season! This first one is Inspired By: John Galliano and I'm super excited this season is here^ When I heard what it was, I wasn't too bothered as it's not a brand or designer that I particularly lust after, but the spoilers definitely boosted it in my view, and the homepage advert shows huge detail and intricate designs - it gives an excitement to see what's inside the store =)
I love the Parisian theme out the windows of these two floors. I do feel like it is quite a sparse collection which is largely down to the emphasis on the gowns and stand-out pieces. Some people love this, but I think I'm more one for numerous smaller pieces that I can work into several looks and styles.
A quick start with the accessories - there's not a huge amount to choose from in my opinion, but it's probably all down to style taste and interests, for example I'm not a fan of the Galliano For Dior Runway Makeup or the headpiece choices such as the Couture Headpiece or Regal Plume Helmet. There's actually only one bag in the collection, the Galliano Inspired Chain Purse which I really like with it's navy colour and adorable delicate design. It's perfect for dressing up, but I think it would look good in slightly more casual outfits too. There are a few pairs of shoes available, with flats, heels and platforms on offer. I really do feel quite attracted to the Omate Galliano Inspired Boots - I love that they're flat and they've got some goldish detailing. My only problem is the shape, I don't feel like they're flattering on my doll, anyone gotten around this? Let me know! Also love the Galliano For Dior Feather Heels which are the minimal choice of this release and their slingback style makes them a unique pair in the Plaza.
And then the clothing. There were male choices with this collection, which is good, and they're not too plain either - I think the Galliano Inspired Mens Coat will be a huge purchase, and not for the guys because it fits female dolls pretty well too! The girls clothing has a huge focus on gowns and dresses with a range of styles available. There's a lot of detail in pieces like the Fall 2016 Sheer Dress or the Embroidered Regal Gown, while the second floor has a taste for flair in those ruffles! I love that there's baby blue and pink in the Charlize Powder Blue Gown and Galliano For Dior Inspired Gown, and for something a little more risque on the same lines then there's the Sheer Galliano Inspired Gown with a very sweet ruffled hem. I really thought I'd love the minimal pieces (the 20s Style Galliano Gown and Off The Runway Mini) but I just didn't at all once I saw them on my doll, which was disappointing - any of you guys hit it off with those pieces? Let me see your looks! Also on the slightly more minimal theme are the Vintage Galliano Inspired Trousers and Blazer, I love the trousers, they've got good fit and style and the set gives a little something different to the store. And lastly the outerwear which is pretty flashy too! Both the Asian Couture Coat and Galliano For Dior Regal Coat are big pieces, in more ways than one, with their size, vibrant colours and intricate designs. I've not seen too many people wearing them, but honestly they're not my style either, so it's not something that surprises me too much.
Prices for this collection ranged from 10 to 48SD's and there are a few pieces which are SS/Royalty only, but I think that was expected to be honest. Prices are pretty good I'd say, sure if you buy a lot them it will quickly add up, but if you make smart purchases then they will be worth it for you^
Next a few styled outfits. I really didn't purchase many items, just three or four pieces - my purse is pretty happy about that! So I've just styled the Vintage Galliano Inspired Trousers here, I did find myself going down one particular style route, and I actually don't mind that so much this time. With the pinstripes I found plain colours simple to work with and loved going with black and whites pieces. I did enjoy adding my colour through shoes and this is something I'd continue with with these trousers and maybe include bags or jewellery particularly some earrings^
And then a whole host of features! Firstly GMonster styling the very fabulous Asian Couture Coat. It sure is a big piece to pull off, but I think it looks great here, especially with the yellow ad golden feel of the clothing and those awesome earrings. The green tones in the shoes are also great, I can't seem them looking good in an outfit other than this one!
Such a sleek look from lisjade wearing the Galliano Inspired Mens Coat. I love how the tones of it really shine through when put with those black trousers and those shoes (which are almost black but not quite), and the texture really stands out when paired with the Dior bag - everything has been thought out so well for such a minimal looking look on first glances =)
And next three looks all wearing the Fall 2016 Sheer Dress! Each has combatted the sheer aspect in individual ways and they all made this piece look fab! Firstly anisa123, wearing a bandeau and black maxi skirt beneath the dress along with the Galliano For Dior Feather Heels. This minimal style works well for the dress and lets it stand out, but it's all down to those red lips that keeps your attention =D
And then MUNCHKIN_XD who only adds to the sheer by choosing a long sleeved polo body, I think it does really work out in the dress' favour^ I especially love those brown boots, they are a surprise match and I love it =D Again those lips are such a great colour, I need this skill of great lip-matching!
And lastly xxxbritneyxxx6 going for a very warm wintery style, who knew it would work out?!? This menswear sweater looks to be a great choice for this dress and it really lets the print leap from the screen and draw your attention. Also love the boots with this one, and surprise, surprise, the makeup choice - yellow lipstick wouldn't work out on me I don't think, but it's great here!

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