Wednesday, 8 June 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Last week brought us the latest collection of Callie's Picks, themed pretty perfectly on a garden party - I love this and also love the advert because it completely sells the collection to me! Plus there's a hint at some awesome items =D
I love the garden party theme, I think it's a great summer choice and the pieces all really work well with it I think - must be a first maybe! Everything has such a light feel and I feel a great summery feeling just looking at the store and it's freshness.
Firstly the accessories, and I feel like there's a really good range to be had in both the shoes and bags, and also the extras like the Summer Hat and Flower Girl Headband. Plus there's a hair - the Sophie Hair which has a cute almost wind blown look to it. Of the shoes, there's a few wedges, I adore both the Fever Cork Wedges and the Tosca Wedges, which were originally from the Louboutin Tribute and are a pair I have loved wearing for a long time! Then both the Yellow Printed Sandals and the Layered Garden Heels also both stand out for their individual printings and their unique design, I can see them both being worn super well =) As for the bags, my eyes are immediately drawn to the very bright Orange Handbag which was first brought out years ago in the Stardoll And The City store. I love the colour and shape, so it's a definite 'must have' for me! For a little less bold, then the Pure White Bag with it's stylish fringing and price tag of only 65SC is for you, it's a great piece that will work easily with a number of styles.
And then the clothing - so many great items in here! The focal pieces I'd say are definitely the Florida Orchard Minidress and the Garden Party 70s Dress which are pieces with great bright prints and I think a lot of people have been after them for a while, I know I've certainly been keen for them! So these are great for the store. Compared to them, the rest of the pieces are more minimally based. In terms of other dresses, they're all colour blocked pieces, I quite like the corals and blues and am super tempted by the Denim Fly Dress which also has some sheer sleeves which is a feature I like, just not sure how much wear I'd get out of it. The white Draped Halter Neck Dress is also good with it's modernistic shapes to it - it's a piece I've had previously and I love that skirting! Then there's quite a good range of separates to match up together^ Of the tops, I'm a huge fan of the Versatile White Shirt, and yes, that is the name, it's made for me completely!!! I saw it on someone a while back and mentally added it to my list of wants and so glad I now have one. Also very fond of the Paisley Pattern Top and the Floral Bustier Top, but I've owned both in the past and sold them as I never really wore them much, so they're not items I want to re-purchase but they're not all that bad to have and are right on season currently. I have a few of the tops already actually, both the Relaxed Cotton Tee and Cropped Denim Bustier, but I got my denim piece when it was a freebie, so I don't think it's great that it's being sold at 14SD's now =( Then the bottoms, a category containing another piece I'm excited for, the Chambray Pedal Pushers, which are a little more like culottes to me, but are still pretty awesome! I love the design and the colour and am very happy that these have been included. The Cropped Trousers in their neutral tone are also a great piece and they're something which could work in different styles and seasons so could be a good investment buy.
Prices of this release range from 6 to 25SD's. The lower end does seem a little pricey for what some of the items are, but overall, not too bad on the majority of items.
Next my Styled Outfits which I am stoked to show you^ I loved putting together these looks and was really in a summery mood when I did. First is the Florida Orchard Minidress and I've stuck simple with white skinnies and some yellow heels - I'd have loved some sort of lime green accessory but couldn't find just what I was looking for, hopefully something will come to mind sooner or later for it. Then I've gone with the Chambray Pedal Pushers and oh look, more white and minimal. I love this little cami with them with its draping and I think the orange colour of the heels just suits this pale blue colour very well, I'm gonna repeat this again soon^ And lastly the Versatile White Shirt and I didn't go for white - shock horror =O I actually went with yellow because I finally got these trousers, I am sooooooo excited about them! And I couldn't help but choose some golden accessories as that's what yellow really need, ha =D
A couple of quick features next, both styling the Chambray Pedal Pushers! This is Heneda, going with an all over pastel style. I love the busy print on the jacket, it wouldn't always work in a look but it does here. And the Dior bag really ties it together with the trousers. Love the sunglasses and hat combination, it's a huge winner in my eyes^
And then pervuhina, choosing a slightly darker look, but nonetheless a summer style with the lace off the shoulder top. The black really makes the blue pop and very much sells the trousers. It's good seeing them work in a range of ways!


  1. Beautiful post x
    You and the two features dolls make me want to buy these trousers ^^