Wednesday, 15 June 2016

F E V E R | Release Review

Friday brought us our regular summer release of Fever - and just from the homepage ad I really feel like Stardoll have up-ed their game a lot this year with this release, first Riviera and now Fever, so I'm super pleased about that! Let's get on into the store:
We got two floors of pretty summer pieces this year for the release and from just first glances, it looks like there's a good variety of styles and designs. It also looks like it's set in a very nice paradise, I think a great store background can really help releases out, and it's in favour this time =D There's also numerous 'Inspired' items which I think makes a great addition to this store.
So accessories first, and I actually found I didn't pay too much attention to these items at first as I was focused on the clothing, but there are some good items to be had. Both bags are great and are small pieces ideal for summer styles. I can see the Chloe Inspired Tassel Purse being a hugely popular choice with its cute over-shoulder style and neutral colouring along with the small details. I also purchased the Fever Pom Pom Purse, I love the clutch style and particularly the red details in the pom-poms and fringing, very cute^ And there's a few pairs of shoes to choose from, but my eye really goes to the flat sandals more than the other choices. The DG Inspired Pom Pom Flats are quite adorable and perfect for summer with their great bright colours. I also like the Sergio Rossi Inspired Sandals, they have a stylish design which is pretty current and different to what we've had in previous Stardoll releases - plus they're in SC's!
And then the clothing! As I've already mentioned there's a wide range of pieces and styles which I think will suit most people looking for new summer purchases. There's a real emphasis on maxi dresses and skirts with five pieces to choose from. The pieces are colourful and very eye catching with a tie-dye theme in a few of them - I'm a huge fan of the Chloe Inspired Gorgeous Maxi, especially with those tassel details. The Two Tone Maxi is also good, I think it looks quite flattering and slightly shapely even though it's got a very loose feel. For something with a casual vibe there's the Modern Batique Maxi with it's rolled tee sleeves, I also think it looks quite slimming on my doll - always a bonus! The Alice Olivia Inspired Maxi Skirt is a good new summer wardrobe piece, I love the print but there's quite a lot of green in there, I think I'm gonna need to see it styled a few times before I really fall for it. There are a few shorter dresses/skirts/shorts available, but other than the Chloe Inspired Tassel Tunic, I'm not so bothered about the other pieces. The one swimwear piece, the Balmain Inspired Frill Body is a perfect piece, if you're only going to get one swimpiece in a release, I'm glad it's this one! The colour is perfect and the design is very unique and well fitting to our dolls. And lastly the tops. There's a few misses with this release, but also a couple of complete hits! Firstly the Crisp Flare Top, which I believe the best piece of the collection - it's got a stylish off the shoulder design, it's in my favourite colour and it suits everyone I've seen it on, that describes a good piece right there^ The Perfect Summer Denim Shirt is quite a nice piece, and I'm quite tempted - I think it would make a good set of styled outfits but I'm yet to make that purchase. Of the outerwear, well the one piece of it, I love it! The Fringed Woven Jacket is super trendy and right in my style-sights right now. I love the colours, the waist tie and the fringing, they all work together very nicely, and I didn't hesitate to buy it immediately =D
Prices for this store range from 8 to 22SD's, which I think is quite reasonable for what the items are, and being Inspired items that's pretty good going - hopefully there will be a closing sale at the end of summer and I might give a few more pieces a try out!
Penultimately - my styled outfits! I had a great time working with these pieces and I'm really happy with everything that I bought. Firstly the Crisp Flare Top and I'm doing a little happy-dance because I finally have been able to style this skirt - these two are like a perfect match and I really didn't need to do too much to the look but finish it off with some mules. In my second look I've managed to use quite a few pieces, the Balmain Inspired Frill Body, the Chloe Inspired Tassel Purse and also the Sergio Rossi Inspired Sandals. I really stuck with the nude/brown theme on this one and am pretty glad to get a use out of this slouchy cardigan - it's pretty perfect with all these pieces. I'm not usually one for this style of straight leg loose trousers, but I think this pair (the Belted Silk Pants from the April HBs) work great here. And lastly I've styled the Fringed Woven Jacket in a very nice summer look, I really really like this one^ The cream shade was a good fit to this YH skirt and I kept it light and fresh by including just a crochet swimsuit as a top, something I wouldn't usually go for but think I might enjoy over the summer! 
And some features! I've seen quite a few dolls wearing this release so I'm glad to see it's been a popular. All three of these looks are including the Crisp Flare Top and I love seeing it in three completely different styles and ways. This first look is from Miver, who has also added the Fringed Woven Jacket to make a very stylish almost safari-ish outfit, it's great! Love all the white clothing helping the print on the jacket stand out, but I think the green of the bag is a perfect choice too =) 
Next is terhi6v who has added a great splash of colour - this top is perfect for the skirt, they're a great style fit^ Also love the white headband for a summery feel. The black accessories are also pretty cool, I love seeing both these shoes and the bag getting some styling, everything works out very nicely together =)
And then Isabella8103 going with a little retro-French-Riviera-style twist! I love the glasses, scarf and coral lip colour, they look great with the shirt. Also love this denim skirt and the creativity that's been used by including some floral pieces - a perfect style for this summer piece!
And lastly ThePerpetua in a white head to toe look which is perfectly summery and trendy^ I love these culottes, they're a great fit for the shirt, as is that huge folded bag. I really quite like the combination of the folds of the bag and the shirt together. Accessorising is also cool with those square retro white sunglasses - very chic^

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