Friday, 10 June 2016

R I V I E R A | Release Review

Last week finished off with a perfect seasonal Riviera release! I love the advert above, I think it has a great vibe about it and gives a great idea of the store from the get go. Although it doesn't show too many pieces I really like the models showing off what they're wearing, plus it shows the interior pretty well too^
This release consists of 2 floors with a sort of Mediterranean harbour style feel to it - I like it, it works well for the store and release and I think it makes it look a lot better than the store backgrounds of the past releases. I think the clothing also helps this release seem like a step up for this store, and I'm pretty happy for that =)
With the accessories I'm really drawn to the sandals, I love the straps and the cool vibe they have - for me, I'm all-in with the Super Chic Sandals with their lovely nude/pink colour making them a good piece for pairing with light clothing. There's quite a few bags to choose from too, and ones which work for the guys too, particularly the To The Riviera Weekender. I myself adore the Kate Spade Inspired Pineapple Purse - it's a lovely little piece and what better a way to add flair to a look than pineapples?!?! And there's a few extras too, my eye immediately goes to the pretty large Do Not Disturb Hat (isn't it great?!) so I can really see this being a popular piece, but I do also like the Wide Tassel Earrings with their carnival-esque style and great deep purple colour, and also the Linda Farrow Inspired Daisy Sunnies which are a great retro style piece which I think will get a lot of wear!
The clothes are all perfectly fitting for the store and summer with some great choices and variety available. There's quite an array of swimwear and swimwear/beach style pieces as expected so I'll start with those - the Double Laced Bikini Bottoms are pretty stylish and I'd say a good choice for swimwear on Stardoll, I love their high-waisted style and think it will work for everyone! The Sheer Black Coverup is also great, and comes with a built-in black bikini with the high-waist too, so that's pretty neat^ I love the off the shoulder style of it and think it would look great with some fab necklace and jewellery pieces. The laced theme is also continued in the Lattice Side Onepiece, which I think could be a great top for many summery looks. And for something a little more flashy, there's the designer Missoni Inspired Stripe Bandeau which could look great under sheer camisoles and blouses for summery styles. With the rest of the clothes, the denim pieces are quite nice, both the Riviera High Waisted Shorts and the Cutesie Denim Romper. I think they could work out well in lots of looks and both casual and more dressed up styles - super excited to work with both pieces! And then there's the colourful pieces of course =) There's two pieces that hold all my attention in this department and those are the Stripe Blast Mini (what a greatly shaped summer dress with some awesome colours) and the pretty fabulous Zig Zag Palazzo Pants. These trousers are the best part of the collection in my opinion and I've seen so many stylings with them already!
Prices for this release range from 8 to 23 SD's and most items fit somewhere nicely in the middle. I feel like the pieces have been designed well and are very much worth their prices - I'm more than happy to pay the 16SD's for those cool trousers^
My styled outfits now, and these were really my first thoughts on the pieces so I'm looking forward to styling the pieces some more. Firstly with the accessories, the Wide Tassel Earrings have a great deep colour, so I matched that in the shoes then stuck with a simple base colour and I think it's pretty effective. Then the Do Not Disturb Hat, again stuck with similar tones in the nudes, this dress is a great summer piece to match the hat but I've glammed it up with the golden heels. Then lastly some clothing with the Zig Zag Palazzo Pants - again very minimal, those colours all need a chance to stand out themselves so my white top and bag seemed a good choice, plus very summery. I like that I added just a touch of something else with the emerald heels.
A quick few features with an accessories focus! Firstly glass3 styling the Riviera Wooden Platforms. The wood really stands out in this black styled look and they're styled in what would be a nice evening summer look. The jumpsuit is a great match for these shoes and really works well with them!
And secondly Summer.Bee wearing the very quirky Linda Farrow Inspired Daisy Sunnies, a great match for this pretty print skirt and black crop top! I really liked the minimal feel of the rest of the styling and I felt my attention very much drawn to the sunglasses =)

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