Thursday, 7 January 2016

T R E S S U P | Feature Set

This is pretty late for the release, but with the Holidays and the new January Hotbuys and my challenge posts, this is the earliest spot I could offer! Tress Up Holiday was released for us on Christmas day with a very snowy wintery homepage ad with a lot of different models hopefully catching most peoples eyes for the pieces^
There are a lot of great styles on offer and I purchased a few myself, with personal favourites including the Ines Side Braid Hair and the Lina Head Braid Hair which are coincidentally both braided short styles. For me these work well as they're above the shoulders which helps prevent any covering of outfits that I'm trying to show or style. The sleek Katta Headbun Hair also falls into this category, I was unsure of it at first, but the feature below definitely does it a favour^ I haven't seen so many dolls wearing the long styles like the Natalia Hot Curly Hair or the Johanna Long Hair - having had a while to consider them, I do like the styles but right now they're not so much for me, I'd definitely buy them in a sale in the future though =D
Prices range from 15 to 27SD's, maybe a little more expensive that previous Tress Up releases, but good hair designed by Stardoll is always something people are looking for, I know I do because I just generally prefer these hair types over StarDesign piece, but that's just an opinion. I also don't think the prices have put anyone off buying the styles they like by the number of dolls I found to feature and there's many more out there on the site too:

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