Sunday, 31 January 2016


When Antidote dropped this week, I was on a very lucky late lunch break at work and managed to scoop pretty much everything I wanted bar the Braided Belt Moto. 
For me, it was all about the Perfect Studded Coat. I can see myself using this time and time again. I want one in every colour. It's just so classy. That's not a word I usually attach to Antidote, not to say that I haven't loved the pulpy poppy goodness of Moschino. It's just not been my style.  

This dress is pretty much the oldest thing I still own as I sold and recycled a lot of my original purchases from ten years back. It still remains one of my favourites - I studied art history at university and the dark suggestion of a Renaissance painting gets me all excited. I want this in real life.

I'm also playing with Stardesign hair a bit more at the moment - I may go back to my old hair soon enough, but this gorgeous wig by Sana_who_Sana has all of my attention right now.

Ingredient / You Will Need:
Perfect Studded Coat | Antidote
Renaissance Print Dress | Folk
Big Clutch | 400 Million
Shoes inspired by Celine | Callie's Picks

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