Monday, 11 January 2016

F A L L E N A N G E L | Styled Outfits

Fallen Angel was released last week for us - now I've never really been a hardcore fan, the clothes generally aren't my style, there's lots of rips and things, however sometimes I get surprised and enjoy some of the items available^ This time was a bit of a 'miss' for me, so it wasn't worth doing a review but I did want to style the two items I purchased.
So firstly the Faux Leather Stud Backpack, which definitely reminded me a little of the Evil Panda Red Studded Backpack, so I'll definitely need to pair them for my challenge^ Anyway, this looks great with other black pieces like these trousers but I decided to break up the colour and darkness of the rest of the looks by adding some lilac - I think it works out quite alright, and it's a colour combination I would definitely go for again, plus love the style contrasts in the look too.
Then we have the Spiderweb Tshirt, which I think is a very versatile piece and a great addition to this collection. I did plan on styling something that wasn't black, but clearly that plan didn't work out! I do have sort of different styles with it, but I think I should definitely give it another go in the summer with lighter and brighter pieces =)

What did you guys think of this release? And which of my looks is your favourite - let me know in comments!

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