Friday, 29 January 2016

Finding Mellow in Yellow

In my last post, I mentioned that I've pretty much transitioned into Spring regardless of whether the weather would like to join me or not, and this post does nothing to contradict that.

It doesn't matter the time of year though - if I am down, or hurt, or if sad things happen around me, I often seek solace in yellow. It seems silly and a little superficial, but it's surprising what power dressing can have on your mood.

I think I've been a pretty boring dresser the past few weeks (partly due to some personal issues) so I decided to choose one of the weirder things I've held onto and see if I could make it more of my aesthetic. 
This Melbourne Minimalism jacket is a failsafe way of neutralising the weirder elements of any piece, even a bright yellow skirt with grass (?) detail. 

Ingredients / You Will Need:
Resort Palms Skirt | Tingeling
Sheer Silk Tee | Bonjour Bizou
Satin Over Shoulder Jacket | Melbourne Minimalism
Lace Bikini Top | Melbourne Minimalism
Gigi White Purse | Young Hollywood
Yellow Smiley Hair Clip | Antidote
Purple Platform Pump | Nelly.com

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