Saturday, 16 January 2016

A P R E S S K I | Release Review

Yesterday we got a brand new Apres Ski release, a little late in my opinion, I think this one should have been a December release, but nevermind! The homepage ad is perfectly wintery and the models exude warmth from the collection, they have a lot of the pieces on, so it is a pretty good advert =)
Just one floor this time, and I think I was a little disappointed - the spoilers looked pretty good I thought, and there's always some great pieces hidden away in this store, but once the items were in the plaza and I tried them on, I was a bit 'mmm' about it, which is a shame because some gems have come from Apres Ski! 
There's a pretty good mix of clothing items available, mostly cosy knits with a few bottomhalves, not so sure about the leggings really, they're not something I'd wear, but knits are very much a yes! There's also a mix of more plain and patterned knits, not sure how I feel about patterns yet, as I wouldn't wear them how styled in the store, so I need to have a good think about pieces like the Graphic Sweater or the Turtle Neck Pattern Sweater. However they are both good fitted shapes, which makes them great pieces to wear under jackets and coat, which is a great bonus^ Speaking of outerwear, there's two pieces with this release, the Faux Fur Metallic Jacket and the Over Shoulder Jacket, the second of which I really like! Over shoulder styles are very popular, and I think will always be easy to pull off, so this piece is a pretty good one. I think it is maybe a little pricey for Apres Ski right now, so I think I'd probably only buy it on sale or offer though. In the bottomhalves category, I've already mentioned my lack of enthusiasm over the leggings, but I do quite like the Track Pants - which I don't think look all that much like track pants at all! They're a good classic colour (can't go wrong with black), and the shape is pretty decent as well as the leg length of them. I also like the Scalloped Skirt, the shape could have been a little more even over the hips, but the colour and design are both great and very on trend right now.
Now the accessories. The shoes weren't so much to my taste, I'm not sure how wearable the Snowy Weather Boots would be in a lot of different looks. There are two handbags on offer, and they're both pretty good. I really like the Wrapped Clutch - it's a unique style for the plaza right now and the colour is very pretty, I can see it matching with a lot of different outfits. There are also a couple of scarves and hats, but to be honest none of them really stood out to me and I very much glanced over them as a whole for this collection.
Prices range from 5 to 25SD's, with most items in the teen range. Some pieces seem a little expensive for what they are, but if you think you'll get the wear out of them for the price then it would be worth it!
For my Styled Outfits I decided to put together looks for the Track Pants and made them look pretty un-track-pant-like^
I loved putting these looks together and had a lot of fun doing it! Went mostly for winter styles, but enjoyed trying different styles of shoes - they go well with boots, heels and trainers, that's always great! I honestly don't think I could pick a favourite, but let me know your favourite in comments =D

Now I haven't seen all too many people wearing the collection, so it's just one feature! Loved this styling of the Scalloped Skirt by nicki_-_-minaj, some great lipstick matching going on in this look:

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