Friday, 29 January 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

It was our turn for another Callie's Picks release and this time some 60's style for us to chew on^ The homepage ad is so fitting and cute, and completely different to what we've been seeing recently so it definitely sticks in my mind!
We got two floors with this release, the first based on black, white and red (randomly with the green Pretty 60s Dress) and the second had a bit of a yellow touch - I quite like the odd bit of yellow, so no complaints from me on that one! I have to say that really most of the pieces fit the theme well, and the hairstyle (Jolene Hair) was a great choice to include^
With the accessories I didn't find myself too impressed over these pieces. The shoes just don't strike me as pieces I would wear much, nor that would easily go with items I already own. The bags are a little the same, although are much more wearable, particularly the Amy Bag, the Quilted Tote and the Bag Inspired By Chloe, and I really like seeing the Canary Chanel Tribute Tote there too, it's a piece I'm considering purchasing right now =)
The clothing is definitely much more successful in this collection luckily, and with 60s I feel like it's a very distinct style to fit into. There are a few good basics included, like the Cotton Leggings, but also classic pieces that slip into many styles like the Tiffany Top and the Voile Top. While still on the topics of tops, I'm so glad for those polos, the Velvet Turtleneck and the Stardoll Polo! These are great staple pieces and not only bring a 60s touch but also have versatility for styling. These tops are also good bases for the other items available in the store, like the skirts (BTS Black Skirt and the B W Stripe Skirt) and maybe also the Hotbuys Striped Blazer - I purchased this first time around, it's quite nice seeing it around again though! And I also very much love the Long Blazer, a pretty versatile piece that works with most colours and items, an easy piece to work with what most of you will already have. The dresses are really the key pieces from this release, with the Inspired By YSL piece front and centre. A lot of people will love getting their hands on this, I'm not so bothered about it really, it's an ok piece in an iconic style, but it's just not fitting with my style. I also didn't really feel like it suited my doll much. But there's also the Rare Inspired By Chloe (great design and styling with this piece!) and the Magazine Print Dress, a modern twist on the retro style which I really enjoy seeing =)
Prices for this collection range from 4 to 25SD's with most of the items ranging in the teen prices and below. I think the prices are pretty good for the items there are and I was happy to pay the prices for what I purchased.
And some styled outfits! Now I did also style the Velvet Turtleneck, however I wasn't really feeling my outfits when I was putting the images together so I decided to scrap them and stick with these 3 focussing on the Stardoll Polo. This is a piece I've been wanting for a long time so I'm super happy with this!

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