Saturday, 23 January 2016

O R I G I N A L F U T U R E S N E A K E R S | Styled Outfits

These sneakers have been catching my eye a lot recently in my wardrobe and so today I thought I'd post some styled outfits with these 3 pairs from Original Future! And as a great bonus, they're all StarCoin pieces, which is great for saving the pennies =D
Firstly the Platform Runners which were released over a year ago. I've dabbled with these a little in looks, but gone for the typical white and then pulled on the green for some colour in the clothing. I quite like these with skirts so this is something I want to play with more^
Then there's the Buffalo Inspired Sneakers, which came in the same collection as the first pair - I didn't purchase these until recently and they're definitely not my typical style, but I've enjoyed seeing what works with them. Went with black so they'd stand out nicely but also included some bright primary colours to catch the eye.
Finally the BW Zipped Sneakers, the most recently released last October. These are flat and not platformed like the other pairs, but I quite like the little details that they have and I think they stand out nicely in my black and white outfit. Loved pairing these with such a structural and formal piece like this Melbourne Minimalism coat, and I think the army-green bag fits in very nicely with their style.

I had a good time putting together these looks, but let me know what you think in comments!

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