Wednesday, 20 January 2016

D O T | Release Review

We got a brand new makeup drop from Dot at the weekend which was lovely to see - I feel it's been a while since we had new products to choose from! The collection seems christmas themed with all the glitter on the ad, so it would have been great for before the holiday season, but oh well, at least we have it now =D
The collection is based around four red shades, mostly deep colours with particular interest in burgundy. As usual there are the typical products - eyeliner, pencil, shadow, shadestick, mascaras, eyebrow pencils, lipstick, lip liner and blush - it really is a hefty amount if you think about it! For me these colours in blush or mascara aren't ideal, they don't work well with my skin tone, but they might for you^ On the other hand, the lip and eye products are most definitely right up my alley, and they should suit most skin tones.
Of the lipsticks, they're a good range of shades, with the Bright Spark Red at the paler, vibrant end, and the Darkest Burgundy at the deeper end. For me, I feel like I have quite a few dark red and burgundy lip shades from other releases, but I found the Red Velvet Lipstick a very nice shade. It's not too dark either, so makes for an alright day-shade as well as night.
For the eyes, for my doll, the Bright Spark Red products are just a little too bright for my style, and I can't see them as products which would easily slip in with my current selection of colours. The darker burgundy shades on the other side, are very nice items. I found the Perfect Burgundy Eyeshadow and Liner a good combination together with lighter shades and it was easy to match them with light greys and white to help the colour stand out. Going darker, I found the Darkest Burgundy Eyeshadow, Liner and Pencil went very well together as a trio on their own and held their ground as a stand-alone eye look. Going with the darker eye I would definitely stick with a more neutral look on the lips as the shades can be quite powering themselves.
I enjoyed using the items I bought and definitely look forward to using them with what I already have, I definitely think there will be some good combinations to be had with the other crimson and burgundy eye products that we've had before. 

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