Friday, 22 January 2016

B I Z O U | Release Review

Bizou released a new set of clothing this week, which I think was welcomed well to the plaza! The advert suits the store well and really shows off the different styles on offer, selling the clothes well to everyone. Plus the splattered watercolour background is very appealing and eyecatching^
I'm just gonna start off and say I really loved this release! I saw some people complaining about how all the new items all look the same and there's no style to the pieces, but I don't see where they are coming from because there's a whole lot of 'new' here!
There's a good mix of pieces available - trousers, skirts, shirts, dresses and jackets, and even a couple of male items, I really like that Tricolor Knit Sweater, I might even buy it for myself^ And with the accessories, it's a small but varied selection. Accessories wise, the Bally Inspired Bag is quite nice, but I wasn't all that bothered about the other pieces - I did purchase the Bizou Logo Belt because of it's StarCoin price and minimal style, I think it should be pretty easy to put together in a look.
The clothing on the other hand - amazing! I really love the style and feel of the store, and even though there are standout pieces, I think everything fits together very nicely. I like most of the pieces really^ For tops there's a few to choose from and in a small range of colours, I myself like the white pair, the Modern Pussybow Blouse and the Classic White Sweater, which I do view as more of a top than sweater. Both pieces are quite in the style of recent Nelly items and therefore fit well with those pieces. In outerwear, the Furry Pocket Coat is an amazing addition to this release! It stands out very nicely amongst the other pieces, and it's pretty unique in terms with other coats on Stardoll.
There are a couple of dresses with this collection - I don't really see the Belted Wool Dress as so much a dress but more a coat piece, I haven't bought it yet, but might find myself wanting it for the spring and summer. Then there's also the Missoni Inspired Dress, I love both the style and shape of this piece, the unique patterning makes it stick in my mind among other dresses I have - it's definitely got a nice spot in my wardrobe!
Finally bottomhalf pieces - those trousers! Just amazing! Love both the Tailored Wool Trousers and the Paisley Palazzo Pants. They are pretty different to each other but stand out well in their own categories of trousers. The grey pair fit nicely with minimal looks while the paisley print are pretty much on the opposite end of that^
Prices range from 8 to 20SD's, I think they're good prices and fit the pieces fine - although I ended up spending quite a lot by buying several pieces =D
Loved so much styling these pieces, they fitted very nicely into my typical style and I had no difficulties at all. I don't have too much else to say about them, although I feel pretty 'current' wearing these looks!

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