Thursday, 14 January 2016

R O Y A L T Y | Release Review

Last week also brought us a brand new Royalty release, which was a little of an unexpected surprise! I quite like the homepage ad, I think the 3 girls individually sells the pieces and it gives the impact of a lot of variety with the store, which definitely catches my attention^
So we got two floors filled with, as exepected, a pretty large variety of styles of clothing. You've probably guessed a whole lot isn't my style, like the DO IT Dress for example, but I'm sure someone out there loves it!
There is a decent range of shoes on offer, or boots to be more precise, with the Thigh High Silver Platforms and the White Latex Overknee Platforms rounded out with the Shoe Revolution High Heels (which we all know where came from originally!) - so far I haven't purchased any of these but I may be swayed by the white ones in a little while^ As for bags, although there are only two, they are both amazing pieces and I'm so pleased we have them as part of the collection. Both are classic pieces and I can see most people wanting to buy them! I love the Grande Prada Inspired Bag just that little bit more than the LV Inspired Handbag just for the slight edge on the versatility factor.
Clothing-wise I'll start with the fact that we've had a dress very similar to the Structured Stone Dress before, although it's still not something I'd wear to consider purchasing. I think the first floor is definitely more in my favour for clothing, I adore the Taylor Swift-esque Snowflake Crop Top and Snowflake Miniskirt because they're pretty darn adorable^ I therefore also love the Cropped Top 1989 =P I also really like the Golden Sparkle Crop Top and Pants, I amn't planning on buying them as they really don't suit my doll, which is a shame because I quite like the style and think they could be worn really nicely as individual pieces. A good basic piece to have is definitely the Super Lace Crop Top, it'll go well as a delicate decorative piece under wide open dresses or blouses or even some sheer items. A surprising like for me was the Cow Printed Skirt. I was a little sceptical about it initially, however I tried it on and being in SC's I decided I'd give it a go, and I'm glad I did! It adds a playful touch to an outfit and the shape is pretty good.
Prices range from 13 to 26SD's, with the one SC item. Most items are however in the teen range of prices, and I think they're pretty good for the items - they almost make some more appealing to me after looking at the prices^
So I styled the two pieces I bought and I am really liking both of these looks - plus it's making me glad I bought the Cow Printed Skirt, haha, I never thought I'd be happy to buy something in cow print =D Enjoy!

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