Tuesday, 3 November 2015

PRETTY N LOVE | Release Review

Yesterday came the brand new selection of pieces for Pretty 'n Love - I adore this homepage ad, it looks so fun and inviting and perfect for winter! It's also totally selling those hairstyles to me, so definitely multi-benefits for Stardoll there^ 
This release is pretty typical of a Pretty 'n Love one I think. Lots of pinks and pale colours and a very girly feminine feel to a lot of things. I like the inclusion of more furred pieces for the season so these are welcomed, but there are also dresses and a few less-season-orientated items as well, like the Romantic Flowergarden Dress which wouldn't be out of place in a spring release!
There is a heavy element of sweaters in this release and in a good range of colours, with the Faux Fur Top, the Cozy Off Shoulder Knit and the Faux Fur Cardigan to name a few. Also in top halves, there's just one outerwear contribution to this collection which is the Romantic Winter Parka. I am a little on the fence, I do quite like it as a piece and I like how it's styled on the homepage ad, but when I tried it on I wasn't feeling it quite so much. I'm holding off on this one for now until I see some stylings in suites.
Quite a few dresses came with this release, I'm quite fond of the SS Cute Puffy Dress, but again would like to see it styled in a few suites before purchasing or not. A good all-rounder in this category would definitely be the Casual Bow Dress - it's a versatile colour and the style is minimal but stylish, so easy to combine into looks.
I didn't find myself all that drawn to the accessories in this release - the Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie is cute and looks good on the ad, but it's not something I think I'll wear right now (totally feeling myself taking that back in a few weeks, haha!). Of the two pairs of shoes I definitely prefer the Knee High Heels, although yet again they're in my 'need to see in suite' category before I want to consider purchasing them because I do think the right person could make them look awesome^
Prices range from 5 to 20SD's with most items below 15SD's - so pretty much on average for this sort of collection.

A few styled outfits now - I only purchased the Faux Fur Top from this release, so here are a few ways I've put it into looks so far:
I do feel like I went a much darker route for this piece than the rest of the store is, but I think this piece is a winner, and at 14/15SD's, isn't too much of an expense. I think it'll get me through at least a few outfits this winter season!
To end, a quick feature - alicebest98 styling the Cozy Off Shoulder Knit:

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  1. That hair looks so good on your doll ^^
    And I love your outfits. I need to buy that green top!
    This collection is very cute, a little sad there are no starcoins items, but I'll purchase some.

    And I love the feature styling!