Monday, 9 November 2015

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Last week brought us our fortnightly dose of Callie's Picks, and this theme was Inspired By - totally great! The homepage ad is chic and minimalistic, but importantly it doesn't over do it, which works very much in it's favour, so let's see the store:
Two floors of items were released, and as I said, themed on 'Inspired By' which I love and I think a lot of other members do too^ It's great to see some of these pieces back that we can get our hands on, but there are some of the newer items too, like the YSL Studded Purse and the Valentino Tribute Tote.
While we're on the topic of bags, I think I'll start with the accessories this time - there truly is an abundance of shoes in this release! I count 8 pairs, including one for guys (I'm kinda jealous, wanting a girls version of these right now!). The absolute star in this part was the Shoes Inspired By Celine - I think most people have been after these for a while and they've been pretty hard to find. And at a price of 7SD's there's really no wrong at all^ Not much jewellery, just the Owner Necklace which was originally from Givenchy and costs just 5SD - it's quite nice and I do think I'll get around to wearing it sometime.
We'll stick with the Celine theme and I'll mention the Skirt Inspired By Celine, another piece a lot of people have been after and I've been lucky to have the original since it's release a long time ago in the Plaza. It's versatile and great to style, so it's a wonderful piece to have included in this release.
On the rest of the clothing, there's a lot of McQueen, which is fine, but not something that I myself am all that bothered about. I kinda prefer the stand-alone items like the Paint Splash Suit Jacket or the Billowing Black Trousers. One thing that did surprise me was that I thought I would love the Anna Sui Inspired FF Coat, but actually I don't like it on my doll at all, so not everything that looks great in the store or on other looks by other members necessarily will work for all individuals!
The prices range from 7 to 34 SD's with most items in the middle ground. A few pairs of shoes are in coins and there are a couple of SS/Royalty only pieces.
I didn't purchase too much so I didn't end up spending many SD's (luckily I didn't because LE came a few days later), but here are looks featuring the Blouse Inspired By Lanvin and the Shoes Inspired By Celine:
It's hard to tell if this shirt is orange or red, but whatever colour it is is fab! I love it with whites and creams^ Also adore my last look there, think it's perfect with the shoes and also these Hotbuys pieces =)
Lastly one quick feature - I think Polina_Bast has styled the to perfection! It's one of those pieces that I'm really still thinking about purchasing but it has a slightly odd shape to work with, hoping seeing this will help me make up my mind =D

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