Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bag It Up Challenge #2

Number 2 and a double feature from It Girls^ These are two adorable bags with a cute floral theme, much more suited to summer or spring looks which is what I've gone for. On the left is the Bow Bag, which 6SD's. I feel like I've made half hearted attempts with this before, but it is a pretty versatile bag as it's easy to style behind jeans as I've gone with. It's also a super detailed bag with a lot of nice jewels when you look up close =D On the left is the Prato In Fiore Shoulder Bag costing 95SC's, a bargain really! I've been desperately trying to use this bag and so I'm glad I got it checked off first, and I love it with this denim look, which I will try more of for sure!

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