Monday, 16 November 2015

E P I P H A N Y | Release Review

It's been a little while since we've had a jewellery release, but last week we got some new Epiphany pieces. The ad really stood out with that golden background so it definitely drew my eye into it. The models are covered in the pieces, and I love the hair on the first one, now I'm left wondering if I can get that hair!
There's one floor on new items, and the theme seems quite exotic and colourful with lots of brights and gold. There's also an Egyptian feel, which I don't mind much. Love the golds and the jewel tones overall, so not a bad drop really!
The store has an alright range of items, with bracelets, necklaces, facial jewellery, headwear and even some eyemakeup pieces. These are a newer addition to Stardoll releases which I think is nice even though they're not for me. I especially love the colours of the Golden Blue Eye Right and Left and they don't look all that bad on my doll - I just wouldn't see myself wearing them much.
The headwear pieces look super intricate and detailed, with my favourite being the jewel-heavy Flowers And Pearls Headband, my only issue is it doesn't go over StarDesign hair, so until I take this one off I can't try it on in the plaza which is rather annoying (and seems like it wouldn't be too difficult of a fix). These pieces are quite over-the-top so you probably need a good theme outfit in mind if you're going to purchase them to wear.
Just one pair of earrings, the Statement Earrings, which I love and am looking forward to getting wear out of them. There is also an individual earring, the Onepiece Golden Leaves Earring - I don't know if I'm a fan of this trend yet, but it could be something I go for on a whim, watch this space and see if I do^
Prices for this release range from 5 to 22SD's with most items actually in a pretty reasonable range, so good prices for an Epiphany release because these are typically well designed and detailed pieces.

Just a few picks below, and Eyes.. wearing the Golden Brow Studs (which I haven't seen look bad on anyone yet, such a versatile piece and I'm now wanting them for my doll badly!):

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