Wednesday, 18 November 2015

N E L L Y | Release Review

Should have guessed there'd be more Nelly, there usually is! Yet another floor added on Friday to this store, and it complements the last release well as well as contrasting it - being the dark to the lights of the last items. The ad fits nicely with the last and I think sells the items and highlights the models, they look great and I just wanna be them=P
Again, another floor where I don't know where to begin! I like the darker colours this time, as I've said, so the releases are very complementary to each other. There's a lot more emphasis on knotted pieces this time, and I love seeing this. And the details on them are great, especially in the Front Knot Dress - it's crazy good! I'll keep going on the dress theme - there are a lot to choose from actually, and with a good range of colours. It's great seeing the emerald of the Teal Turtleneck Shirt Dress and the burgundy of the Jersey Deep Drop Dress mixed in with all those black pieces! Another piece I want to point out is the Fringe Lace Dress, it's got amazing details with lace and fringing, I really love it =D It also reminds me of the Tasseled 20s Dress from MSW this year.
A couple of skirts are included, both of which I love! The A Lined Black Skirt is the equivalent of the Beige A Lined Skirt, so is naturally a pretty good basic piece to purchase. And the Slinky Knot Skirt is great in both style and colour, I loved styling it for my look and I look forward to styling it again already =D Trousers round up the bottom halves, with my favourite being the Slashed Superstretch Jeggings. The fit is ahhhhhhh-mazing, like I seriously never wanna wear another pair of black jeans that aren't these - a definite must from this collection!
There are a few outerwear pieces, nothing stood out to me much at first, but it was actually on of the features below which made me take a second look at the Cape Coat. I haven't bought it yet, but it's a piece I'm going to think about for a while.
Compared to the last floor, I really liked the accessories this time. The one bag is a great piece in terms of versatility, and I really think these shoes are pretty good too. The styles suit black a lot more than the pale colours last time. I think I'll probably end up buying the Thigh High Lace Up Boots because they could make some pretty good stylings =)
Prices range from 6 to 23SD's and most pricings are nicely in the middle of that range. No surprises and I think pieces are definitely worth the prices they have been given - so no complaints at all^
So now some of my styled outfits:
Firstly 3 looks with the Uneven Top. I really like the colour and sort or marled texture it has. I assumed it would be fairly easy to put with looks, but I definitely found this a little challenging. I'm not sure I love all the looks I presented, but I like that it does go pretty well with skirts as well as trousers. I'm looking forward to seeing others wearing this top^
And now my bottomhalves looks. I styled all the pieces I bought, and I am very pleased with all looks and how they turned out for these - not sure I want to say anymore!
And features:
Mia1435 looks amazing in this casual-mix look featuring the Slinky Knot Skirt.
And nicki_-_-minaj in a tad risque of a look but also featuring the Thigh High Lace Up Boot and the Cape Coat.

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