Monday, 2 November 2015

P P Q A W 1 5 | Release Review

At the end of last week there we got a brand new PPQ release! It's been a little while since we've had one so it was a good surprise for me to find when I got home on Friday evening. I love the homepage ad, I think the clothes are showcased well, the models look good and I really wanna wear that lipstick now =D
So it was a one floor release and everything was based on black! This is the opposite of the last release which was completely white - this works for me, I love wearing white and black clothing!
The clothes really do have a Victorian-esque style to them with a heavy featuring a lace detailing around the collars and hems - I think it looks particularly good on the Little Black Jumpsuit and the Victorian Velvet Dress. While we're on the topic of velvet - I LOVE IT! I really do like velvet on my doll and think it can look amazing in looks! So the Velvet Jumpsuit was one of the first pieces that caught my eye and took my money =D Are velvet shoes a little too much to ask for? Maybe a bag? Haha, I get carried away sometimes!
Anyway there are a good mix of long and short lengths in the clothing, I'd have loved a pair of trousers, but I definitely have a lot already, so I don't need another^ I've mentioned one long dress already, I also really like the other two - the Embroidered Ball Gown and the Collar See Through Dress, these should definitely be highlighted more in the collection as they have great design and fit very nicely as a pair with their sheer qualities. The rest of the skirts and dresses are quite short, so for this season I'd be grabbing for the tights immediately! But I do like the knee-ish-length of the PPQ Ruffles Skirt, and the matching White Collared Blouse which is an adorable piece, I love its addition to this collection =D
Now the accessories - completely my favourite part of the collection! Both the shoes and bags are amazing and I'm left wanting more. The PPQ Lips Clutch and the PPQ Orange Lips Clutch are both fab in design and colour - they're perfect for the collection and the season in general, now where's the matching lipsticks for our dolls?!?! The shoes are classics, both the PPQ Patent Leather Pumps and the PPQ Ankle Strap Heels and could be worn with pretty much anything, definitely investment pieces for your wardrobe! There are also others to choose from with fancier details, but when the minimal classics are a choice I definitely head straight for them!
One thing I missed from this release was more coats, I have a good track record with PPQ coats and love their addition to collections, the Angora Coat is alright, but it's not a piece I've bought to style.
The prices of this release range from 11 to 25SD's with most items falling into the middle of the bracket. I think this is fairly average, but if items were prices a little cheaper I think it would tempt me to try more things out and give them a fair go of styling. The accessories are definitely well priced though, super happy to get these items for only a handful of SD's rather than a whole fistfull!

Styling the Velvet Jumpsuit and the Embroidered Ball Gown, and I love wearing the gown as much more of a skirt, those flower details are perfect:

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