Thursday, 12 November 2015

N E L L Y | Release Review

Brand new Nelly drop this week, and it's been a while for this store! I love Nelly so this is definitely welcomed, as you can tell from last nights post =) The homepage ad is minimal yet stylish and shows off the clothing nicely, it sure leads to a good impression for the store^
Just one floor in this collection release, but it stands out as amazing! I barely knew where to look first because so many pieces were catching my eye to try on.
I'll start quickly with the accessories, because these were items I didn't really fawn over. There's two pairs of boots available and sandals, and they do fit with the season, but I didn't find anything standing out. There are ones in other collections which I remember much better. There's just one bag, which is really nice, the Fake Fur Clutch fits well with the collection theme and is something simply designed that will fit in with a lot of looks. The two Fake Fur Keyrings (Brown and Grey) are quite nice, but aren't items I'm diving to buy. Keychains are popular and I can see a lot of people going for this affordable version over the past Fendi ones we've had - it's all personal opinion really!
Moving onto the clothing, the clear highlight of the release! There's so many great pieces in there, and I'll say it again, but it was hard to know where to look first in the store^ The first whole set that I saw were the Off Shoulder Rib Top and Rib Skirt - not usually my scene with the showing midriff and sheer material, but once on my doll I adored them more! They are great together but I think would easily work with other pieces. There's a lot of tops and bottoms available in this store as opposed to a lot of dresses - the most versatile piece is definitely the Beige A Lined Skirt. I love the colour and shape, and I can see it in so many looks and styles. In considering tops, all of them are pretty good so it's hard to pick out one or two. The Lace Bound Cami Top is very pretty with the lace detailing, and the cornflower blue of the Folded Polo Top stands out very nice in the crowd.
There are a few outerwear pieces in the release, but the Oversized Collar Coat is the clear winner of that category. The colour and texture are perfect for the season and have a nice versatility about them making the piece fit into a lot of looks. It's the most expensive item, but I think it's worth it^
Prices of this collection ranged from 9 to 26SD's with most items priced in the teens, which is right on par with other Nelly clothing and accessories. I don't think any items are overpriced, and none of the prices turned me away from buying items, so all in all pretty decent I'd say =)
Just two sets of looks in my Styled Outfits for this post (although I did buy quite a few other pieces too^)
So looks with the Off Shoulder Rib Top and matching Rib Skirt, and as expected they are a perfect match =P Love the skirt on its own though and it definitely suits a lot of the nude/beige coloured coats I have! Plus knitwear seems a good fit too^
I love the shape and design of the Wrap Knitted Sweater, and the versatile colour obviously. I've gone with black pairings and they help it stand out I think. As well as a versatile colour, the style is also versatile and although I feel I've gone with more formal styled looks, it would look good casually too.

Now features - both wearing the Addicted Rib Top even though it's more of a dress! I love both styling and they both make the piece look so different, firstly with Andre1396 going for a more formal dressed look and secondly Pannkaksemma choosing a casual style but adding bling with those earrings:

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