Monday, 30 November 2015

M M F A S H I O N | Release Review

Last week we got a new MM Fashion release. It's definitely been a little while since we've had one so I was excited to see what we'd been given. The homepage ad is super stylish and minimal, the models have the alluring look about them and really draw you in, making you want what they have, so it really does the job!
It was just the one floor that we got, but there's plenty going on to look at and to choose from for different styles. Also including a male outfit - the Belted Resort Trench looks great and I think will be a popular choice among the guys!
I'll begin with the accessories, which I didn't really find myself falling for. The Buckle Up Boots are quite nice and I am loving black boots right now, but I prefer the pairs I have greatly over these ones. The bags on offer aren't all that bad, I do like the green of the Resort Cross Body, but I'm just not feeling the desire to purchase it right now.
I do like quite a few pieces of clothing - I think both pairs of trousers are particular stand outs in the collection and I'm glad of this! The Tailored Resort Pants are a classic in white, but the gold button gives them a unique touch, while the Millionaire Pants are a formal piece in navy, with the pinstripes and buttons giving them a difference to other wideleg trousers that we've had. To go with them, there's really not a lot of tops on offer - just one amazing one! I absolutely love the Embellished Collar Top and it's my favourite piece of this release. It's minimal yet has very cute small details which make it stand out in a crowd. I also love that it's in grey, because it's a versatile and easy to style colour. There are a few coats on offer to go with the bottoms as well, but none of them leap out at me as I look at the store. The Double Stripes Coat is definitely interesting, and I think I'd buy it in a sale as a challenge to style, but it's not for me right now. The matching Pocket Detail Shirt is pretty nice and I think could be styled well, so that's a piece I'm still thinking about. In the other dresses, the pattern of the Metal Plaque Dress looks stunning, and is another piece I'm considering, and the feathery/furry effect of the Fluffy Woven Dress is adorable and I think could make some pretty cute looks^
Prices for this release range from 11 to 23SD's, which is pretty average for a release these days, nothing stood out as being too expensive or put me off purchasing the item, so that's always great^

So far I've bought 3 items which I've styled for you guys:
Firstly the Millionaire Pants which I've tried to go for two different looks and different looks to what I'd usually go for with a piece like them. I really like the green with the navy and think this is something I should try out more often!
And secondly the Embellished Collar Top, which I am adoring with lilac and purple. I think this style of coat suits the top perfectly because the details are front and centre on show. Finally the Tailored Resort Pants, which are perfect with grey - could have gone more wild with them, but I had this coat and scarf in mind when I purchased them. I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty more of these trousers on the blog though in the future!

Lastly a quick feature - love this Miu Miu themed styling from DKNY4435, thought it was just perfect with the top:

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