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L E | Release Review

A brand new LE collection took me a little by surprise on Friday! I only found out about it an hour before it came out so it was lucky I was a tad bored at work and checked updates on my phone!  So when I was purchasing things I really had a small window of time to look and decide then get back to work! Anyways, love the homepage ad - I think it sells the collection well and gives off a very boho/chic vibe for the store, just how it is really^
So we got 3 whole floors of items, and there really is a lot there to choose from! I got a very relaxed, sort of coachella boho vibe from the collection, although I almost feel like it's something we've had from Stardoll before - that just me? Anyway I really quite liked this collection as most of the items are good stand alone items and either work well slipping into already well-developed wardrobes but also as key pieces for collections.
I'll begin small with the accessories - I didn't find myself gravitating towards any shoes really, I mean they're quite nice but a lot of things I don't think I would wear. In fact when I'm writing this (Saturday morning) there were still plenty of them left, so I feel like quite a few others are leaning the same way. The LE Fringe Boots are kinda fabulous, but I see them being a little hard to style. The range of ankle boots available is good, but there's something about the shape and the fit on the leg that made me unsure. Onto bags, and I do think there are some well designed ones in there, particularly the LE Macrame Purse which I contemplated buying then thought I might not style it, regretting that now! Also really liked the LE Royalty Cross Body (it's not Royalty only though, just SS), the colour and detailing are nice, although I feel like I have a lot of similar pieces which I don't wear, so I passed on that this time, but at the point of writing there were still some available. Jewellery is the final component of the accessory category and there were quite a mix of necklaces and belts, and a good variety of choice. I haven't purchased anything yet, but I think the Black Reptile Token Necklace is very nice and could be easily worn in many looks for its minimal style with a small detail.
And now onto the clothing! I'll start with the guys, because there were two looks available this time, which is good and shows a little branching out! Although most of the pieces were still available last time I checked, I think the best item on offer there is definitely the Draped Traveller Scarf and would work for anyone really (reminds me a little of the Green World Shawl from Endangered Species).
And the ladies clothing, which there really is a lot of. I'll begin with the dresses I think - typically these are pretty expensive in the releases so I do generally prefer to go for individual items, and I do think that's true for these again, although there really aren't many dresses in this release. The Valentino Inspired Ethno Dress is beautiful, and I love the colour and design of the Nomad Chiffon Dress, which has actually seemed pretty unpopular in this collection. I actually just discovered the Nomadic Fringe Dress once I started getting deep into this review on Saturday and I really don't know how I missed it because it's great! I really love it and again it's an unpopular choice, but most likely due to the price. Now onto bottomhalves and the trousers blew me away! Love the shape and style and colours and they're very much 'in' right now - in fact I bought all pairs immediately because I felt like I would very much regret if I didn't! The Black LE Crepe Pants are obviously a classic, but I think the Orange Tailored Pants will look stunning in so many looks, the colour is amazing^ And tophalves for your bottomhalves - there are some pretty nice pieces, nothing stood out with a wow-factor to me, but I found it easy to choose pieces to buy. One thing I particularly loved and am looking forward to styling is the Traveller Top, it's a perfect black and has a unique design to other things we have on Stardoll. I also purchased the Draped LE Shawl on a bit of a whim, wasn't really sure on styling, but it's a nice top and I look forward to what I come up with^ Finally the outerwear! There wasn't that much and I think I was hoping for more winter-appropriate pieces, but nevertheless, you can never have too many vests like the Orange Maxi Vest. The Embroidered Wool Coat is very nice and I think that could easily work into winter looks, as could the winner of the collection, the Draped Camel Coat, which I think just about everyone wanted - so I'm so lucky to be able to style looks for you with it =D
Now thinking of prices - they ranged from 28 to 195SD's. The accessories were all priced in a good and expected range as per previous releases - definitely good deals in there to be had! The clothing was pretty varied, with dresses at the higher end, key coats and pieces around the 100 mark and then the shirts, trousers and skirts coming in a little lower further. If you're on a budget, it's not ideal, but hopefully if you think about purchases, you can make the most of the money you have. Unfortunately with the 'limited' factor that's not always possible! I definitely know I spent way too much money, but I hope I'll be able to make the spend worth it =)

So my Styled Outfits will be posted on Friday, but now onto a whole bunch of features - so many people are wearing this collection well so it was tough to just select some from the probably few hundred suites I viewed!
Amorosa..... has styled the LE Slouched Sweater well, and it's completely in my style! This was a piece I was unsure about so didn't purchase, but I think it can be styled in many different ways and I can see it featuring in some great winter looks.
I fell for ashleybaby93's look as soon as I saw it! I purchased the Embroidered Wool Coat in my rush without thinking about styles and just that I thought it looked good - so glad I have it after this look! It's amazing with a casual piece such as these jeans and that little bag is a perfect accessory^
Now these next three are all pretty similar in featuring the Draped Camel Coat - an amazing piece and possibly my favourite from the collection:
Firstly chupaslady in a pretty classic look with black and white, love the accessories which have been chosen perfectly, along with that hair! This is a great look that isn't too hard to accomplish yourself, so the coat is easy to style.
Secondly missiwantitall - love it with these LE trousers (a couple of collections ago), the tones are perfect together^ Accessorising is great and it's another use of this Faux Fur Wrap. Plus a Dior bag is always a winner =) 
Finally with the coat, miver who always looks great! It's so good in a casual outfit with these jeans and the shoe choice? It's nothing short of perfection, in fact this look made me purchase the Snake Print Clogs immediately!
Marbum, another person who always gets it right, has styled the LE Nude Tailored Pants and has accessorised with the LE Black Nomad Necklace. A classic colour combination that's always going to work out =)
And again two more similar looks featuring both the Black LE Crepe Pants and the Orange Maxi Vest, which is more between an orange and a red:
Firstly janetteLow, going for some more orange/red with the Blouse Inspired By Lanvin and accessorising with black. The hat is great and looks awesome, and the beauty choices are lovely.
And then secondly Mery.- who has made the pieces look different to the look above I think^ I love the shirt and belt combination with the trousers and I think the vest helps overcome the sheer quality the shirt has. Again, accessorised with black, but added a keychain, cute and it fits well.
Our final feature is Mia1435, wearing two looks. Firstly styling the Sienna LE Crepe Pants with the LE Tassel Belt. The colour combinations of the trousers and the shirt are perfect, and the look totally fits with the interior^ Secondly wearing the LE Nude Tailored Pants, the Marl Knot Top, and the Reptile Token Necklace. Everything looks awesome in this whole combination, it's a great wear for this coat, plus Chanel is a great accessory!

So what did you guys think of this release? Would love your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I love whole collection, for me it's really easy to style. Unfortunately i wasn't able to buy what i wanted, so i must be happy with things which i bought yesterday :)