Friday, 20 November 2015

M A W I | My Beauty Look | Styled Outfit

This week opened with a new Mawi collection, and it's been ages since we've had one! I debated back and forth over whether to post about it because I've just not had time to sit and think about a review, so instead, and inspired by my last challenge (Wear Dem Jewels) I've decided to post looks with the two pieces I bought, a sort of jewellery lookbook as such =)
Firstly the Spiked Deco Fang Earrings which cost 10SD's. I really didn't like the gemstone branding, those with the names on the pieces I mean, so for earrings these were perfect as they didn't include that! I love the bronzed colour and played on that a little with the brown liner. It's a look I think works better from afar, but I'm focussing on makeup with this piece. Wishing we had some bronzed shimmer liner or something right now, that would be perfect^
And secondly the Tiered Pave Gemstone Necklace costing 17SD's. I stuck with a pink lip to go with the gems on the necklace, and again I like it more than the ones with the writing on them. Went super simple with my looks and stuck with the basics of white^ It works though, so I don't see why not go for looks like this. Tried to choose both casual and formal, although I think a little more work is needed on the knitwear front, but it's definitely a look I wanna get right!

What did you guys think of this release? Which pieces were your favourites? Let me know in comments!

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