Friday, 13 November 2015

LE Styled Outfits

Finally my LE Styled Outfits, and it's been a whole week since the release! But that means I had a bit more time to think about what to combine together more - hopefully that's a good thing^ Anyways, on with the looks:
You can click to enlarge this one because it's a little bigger than the blog to get all those trousers in! I found it pretty easy to work with all of these, so I don't think much explanation is needed^ The ones I most excited to work with more are definitely the Sienna LE Crepe Pants (the 2nd from the left) because their colour is just that little bit different so coming up with something to wear with them that's not white (I love this white look and combination though) should be fun =)
Again another to enlarge, this time featuring the Traveller Top which I found with many ways to style! I love choosing pieces for this and I can see it becoming one of my favourite tops and can't wait to wear it again =) Also included the Nomadic Fringe Dress which I ended up purchasing in my final outfit there - it looks awesome as a skirt and again is another piece I look forward to wearing more^
And lastly the outerwear! Styled all three of the pieces I bought, safe to say white worked with everything =P I had a few looks for the Embroidered Wool Coat but settled on this with the Chanel dress and the PPQ trousers - I wore a similar combination a little while ago and wanted to work with it again! And my Orange Maxi Vest look is very much more summery, but glad I got a wear out of these jeans, been desperate to get them into something for a while now^

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