Monday, 31 August 2015

Wear Dem Jewels Challenge #18

Close to the end - going to round this challenge off at 20!
The piece for post #18 is the Glam 'R Us Gold Mean Necklace which is no longer in the Plaza so it'll have to be a Bazaar search for it, however Mawi does have some fairly similar, although slightly chunkier, pieces available =)
I really enjoyed putting these looks together, and found it really wasn't a difficult necklace to style! Had to include a classic all white look, it's not my favourite of the 3, but I think it works and I accessorised in matching gold with the VOILE Studio Box Clutch. My second and third looks are my more favoured ones. I love that I was able to use the Cute Cutout Romper from RIO and I think this is a really cute summer look - one of my favourites from this summer season I think! My final look dabbled in menswear again, using the Independence Shirt again,this time with these freebie blue trousers and a blazer (Killah). It definitely was a surprise that this pretty feminine necklace worked well with menswear, but hey, that's what experimenting is all about^

What do you guys think of the looks, and for the fun of it here's a poll for you to vote on your top choice:

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  1. I really like the third, that set is not much seen in stardoll, and I really think you have a very good game Bring out what's in general.