Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Nelly White Large Clutch | Styled By You // Styled By Me

I have been seeing this White Large Clutch from Nelly all over the place recently, and finally decided I wanted to give it a go after seeing this fab look by Fashion.By - I loved the white as a stand out colour against the muted blue of the casual suit (p.s. that makeup look? How can I learn to look that flawless?!?!).For my look I went for white as a base instead, and chose pieces around that with the trousers really my stand out piece (these are LE, but I'm pretty sure there's another version around somewhere!)
What do you guys think of this bag? And the looks? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Wow! Im amazed by the make up of Fashion.By :O :O :O
    The clutch... when I saw it at the store I found it too big, but since it came out I've been super cool outfits with that! The ones you both did are great too, but I think I will never buy that clutch anyway, too risky haha
    - mirdith

  2. Her makeup look is quite nice!
    Looks like its made in Stardesign, its hard to have such perfect makeup!
    I do like clutches, I'm not very sure I'll buy this clutch or not
    - CoralCool91